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Back to my regular Sunrise practice and my familiar teachers and arrived 5 minutes early to 7am yoga and found the yoga mat that I borrowed in yesterday’s class still tucked away with the bolsters where I stowed it just yesterday morning.  I felt a little bad about that because there was a yogi before me and he was clearly in need of a yoga mat, but I saw it before him and snatched it before he could look.  For a second I thought I’d offer it to him, I was prepared to practice on the floor with just the Mexican blankets.  I don’t want to be in a cutthroat yoga practice, Fighting for space and props.  Although the idea is somewhat amusing, its nothing I’d want to compete in.

Ben Yokoyama’s class today focused on shoulder openers, which was great because I do have a problem with tightness there from all the hairdressing.  I found myself taking it easy and was appreciating the mellow vibe of the morning weekday class in comparison to the Weekend Morning Castro Warrior variety.  I felt lost in the crowd yesterday and even lost in the mirrors not recognizing my own reflected body in Maria Stanford’s morning class.  At Warriors Choice and here at 7am I felt acknowledged and a presence rather than a body and a mantra fighting for space.  I’m spoiled by my practice and the attention I get, but it is helping me develop.  My teachers are having an effect and my performance is showing benefits.  For a second I had doubt about the effort I was putting into my poses, but I also recognized that I’m adjusting in class because of the work I am doing outside of it.  Just like when I get passed on a trail I have no idea how fresh the runner is who just surged ahead or even if he has endured more miles and climb.  I need to show the same respect for the people not only on the trail but also in life whom I pass and who pass me by.  In Warriors Choice, Josh is always emphasizing that we are all both teacher and student. So yes, I am learning from others as I examine myself.  I also realize that I am a model and my postures are forms that others do study


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