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After my trail run at Inspiration Point I made some crab spaghetti, uploaded my reflections and laid out on my black leather couch in a puddle of sun watching red carpet celebrity styling as a pre-show to the Academy Awards.  I could have relaxed into it, but I wanted to do Warriors Choice Yoga with Josh Camire, but I didn’t know if I was too burnt from the fatigue of a confounding morning or muscle tired from the Sunday morning yoga practice and a trail run.  I did some poses in the hallway and thinking about how much I enjoyed Warriors Choice last week compared to how trying and strange the 9am Sunday morning class is to me, I made the warrior’s choice, showered and went to take the class at Gold’s Soma.

I ran into my neighbor and Oscar’s client @ronsnitker as he was leaving the gym.  Cool to have friends at the gym cos it makes me feel like a regular there.  He asked me about yoga and I told him about my Sunrise practice and I could see him calculate that it would be pretty difficult to do that, but I’ll get him into Josh’s class or Naked Yoga for Men when he gets more comfortable.  Because of the lost mat debacle I made sure to get to the studio early and a class regular pointed me to where the mats were stowed.  I arranged myself on the borrowed mat and Mexican blankets and Josh came over to acknowledge me, remembering me from the last class.  As it turned out the class wasn’t as packed because of the Oscar ceremonies, and I was grateful for that.

I’ve mentioned before about Josh’s confidence as an instructor, and it was in full force.  He invited us to dedicate our practice and I opened up my inner eye and it saw a silhouetted black skinny buddha in a golden mandala with  nature forms, like doe and fawn, wild flowers and pine, lake and clouds, mountain and ocean.  I knew it was a touchable Budhha incarnation of me in a nearby timeline or multiverse and we were held connected by the infinite actions of infinite Zeons knowing that one could not become the other without all of the experiences of the others.  Looking at me as I looked through me I saw me and we acknowledged the work it took for us to both get there.

Possibly a zen moment.

In all I appreciated the difference that Warriors Choice introduces to my practice.  I could really feel like I opened up and worked out the fatigue and strain that I experienced on todays trail.  I made the warrior’s choice and was glad I did.  Are you glad you did?


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