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Nice rest, nice recovery, nice workout.  Fell asleep around 10 watching an Attenborough documentary about lions and woke up just before my alarm.  Snoozed until 5 then put on the kettle for coffee and showered more to wake up than get clean.  Had to put on different yoga drag because my white board shorts were looking rather dingy.  Instead I wore a pair of  blue and white floral FCUK board shorts and a tight dark blue Diesel graphic t-shirt.  Switched to a deep blue and black Hawaiian lava-lava for my little Buddha hippie wrap.

3 minutes early for Sunrise Yoga and a glance in Studio X told me that the gym yoga mats were being used and one look in the equipment closet confirmed.  I was ok about that and prepared to practice without a mat.  I grabbed 2 Mexican blankets figuring I’d work today like a yoga instructor.  They rarely use mats.

To my surprise I felt connected and strong on the floor.  I was able to let go of my attachment to my misplaced mat and dedicated today’s practice to St. Anthony, the finder of lost things.  My t-shirt was bothering the sunburn on my back and riding up anyway so I took it off, and because my FCUK board shorts were riding down my crack, wrapped my lava-lava around my waist Samoan style.  This heightened the connection and stirred ancestral memories like deep practice often does.  I felt like a Polynesian warrior in battle practice, bare feet connected to the earth, and strong in mind, body and form.  I was able to open and stretch wide and could see the yoga development in my chest and shoulders while still riding the runner’s tension in my legs and feet.


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