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It is the week before the time change when we Spring Ahead and soon I will be back to doing my Sunrise Practice in the dark.  Was strange in the studio with morning sun streaming through the window warming my face.  I’m glad my sleep pattern is adjusted to the early practice and I’m thinking that when we change time the lost hour shouldn’t present too much of a challenge.

In today’s class we focused on shoulder openers.  I was having a problem with my right shoulder feeling a little loose in the socket.  Its ok now.  The only weirdness I have now are a similar looseness in the inside of my right knee and contact dermatitis where my skin is being abraded from sweaty fitness clothes.  Another reason to practice naked.

After 7am Yoga I went to the Castro Cheesery to pick up some ground beans and a bran muffin and then went over to ChefJamesO’s to confirm that I hadn’t really left my mat there.  I really hadn’t, the vortex claimed it.  ChefJamesO gave me a brand new purple yoga mat that he never used and it was really great because I can’t afford to replace the one I lost.  He made me coffee and showed me pictures of his food creations that he prepared for a visiting Japanese chef of some fame and described the weekend that he shared showing him the Northern Californian elite food and resort scene.  He also gave me some quarters for my parking meter.

Went back to the gym to change into my gear, fed my meter and got a surprise hour for free on it, which I really couldn’t believe.  Out the gym and back to the Contour and made my way to Bakers Beach to start a new trail that involves some serious changes in elevation.

  • Starting at the parking lot at Bakers Beach run through Battery Chamberlin and up the switchback to connect to Lincoln Blvd.
  • Continue up Lincoln Blvd. past the Sand Ladder and cut over to Battery Crosby.
  • Run atop Battery Crosby and pick up the Battery To Bluffs Trail and run down the stairs out to a promontory to observe Marshall’s Beach and continue up the other set of stairs to emerge on the Coastal Trail at the Batteries off of Merchant Road.
  • Continue running in front of these Batteries and take the trail detour that will lead you under the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Follow this paved path and cut left  and down the steep grade to the picnic area and under the tunnel at the Historic Earth Works.
  • Emerging stay on the trail to your left and take the paved ADA accessible path to a vista point for the bridge and continue down the stairs that will lead you to Fort Point to the left, Crissy Field on the right.
  • There is a bathroom here so take a piss if you need do.
  • Run on the trail of the Crissy Field Promenade until you reach the gate to cross the marsh.
  • Cross the marsh and exit the gate, you are now on Halleck St.
  • Continue up Halleck and run up the boards of the structures there to cross at Lincoln Blvd. and continue up Mesa to Moraga.
  • At Moraga make a right and continue down to where it ends at Infantry Terrace.
  • There will be a sign with the addresses of the residences of Infantry Terrace, next to is a single track dirt trail that will take you through an old Spanish cobblestone sewer.  Choose any path at will and continue up to the National Cemetery Overlook.
  • Run towards the benches and up toward Naumann, don’t follow the stone monuments with prose for death and remembrance on them.  Pick up the dirt trail that parallels Naumann below and emerge on Amatury Loop.
  • Stay on the graveled sidewalk, cross Park and pick up the Bay Area Ridge Trail that takes you out to the Wine Bunker on Compton.
  • Take Compton to Washington and stay on the single track trail on the lawn of the picnic area.
  • Cut across to Immigration Point and take the Crossover Trail there that will take you back down to Lincoln Blvd. above Bakers Beach.
  • Continue down Lincoln Blvd. and cut through on the switchbacks to Battery Chamberlin.
  • Sprint through Battery Chamberlin.
  • Finish at the Baker Beach lot.
  • There is a bathroom there.  Take a piss again if you need do.

This is the ideal route but not the one I took today.  The course I described should be just about 5.5 miles, which was my target, however I took a short cut through the parking lot by the Presidio Bowling Center and ran down the Sand Ladder instead of finishing up where I started at Battery Chamberlin.  On the promenade at Crissy field I ran into my friend from Middle and High School and current facebook friend, LeahR and a client of mine who hadn’t seen me in awhile but had someone else in the interim.  This course today was kick ass difficult, with all of the hard shit in the beginning and then that grueling climb through the Eucalyptus adjacent the cemetery at the end.  I did kind of take it easy not going all out but putting in a decent effort.  It was nice and clear enough to run without a shirt today, but still chilly.  In all I’d rate this course Difficult to Moderate, depending on how much you love/hate hills and stairs.

Coming down the Sand Ladder a few naturists gave the sun a go and a particularly enterprising one had created a shelter of black compact umbrellas and a trash bag to screen himself from the wind.  I considered laying out, but I have too much to do and need to get home for lunch before my massage with @forbodyandmind.  When I got back to the parking lot this woman was giving a dude a blow job in his midnite blue Camaro and it made me hot and a little jealous.   I so wish I was getting some of that outdoor attention.  The Camaro was bouncing.

  • 10 March 2010
  • 10:06 – 11:24am
  • 1:17:45
  • 5.12 miles
  • 15:12 avg. pace
  • 3.95 avg. speed
  • 804 feet climbed
  • 773 calories burned


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