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Morning serenity, morning practice.  I was grateful for the unconscious Z that wakes up before the alarm goes off for Sunrise Yoga.  Grateful for the Z that is the dreamer.  Grateful for the Z that bought the coffee and just a little irritated, but forgiving of the Z that didn’t do the dishes.  Glad that one Z had cocktails with her bbgff and was, for her, an island of friendship in a sea of acquaintances.  Glad to meet the Z with the mohawk today in the mirror of Studio X with skin golden from the rising sun, burnished from his ancestry.  Pissed off and confused about the Z that can’t balance a checkbook, is gullible and is scrambling for cash, but I can forgive him too and try to give him more compassion and guidance.  I’m most grateful for the Z that is a teacher.  Existing in the Z that is a challenged student.

All of these parallel Zs are me existing simultaneously in side by side universes.  Different incarnations with just a bit of a drag.  All of us Zs affect the other with our experiences, interactions and intentions and our karma is entwined like individual threads on a braided rope.  We are affected by the strength and the weaknesses of each neighboring Z.  I want to be the conscious Z that even though he is aware he is only one of a multitude of threads, considers himself the whole rope.  Even though he knows Zs naught he must act as one and in that process of creation he is becoming.


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