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Time change got me and I missed Warrior’s Choice Yoga with Josh Camire and I’m in a blogging mood so I’m going to publish my training schedule for my upcoming 20 kilometer trail race.  My first race of the season, hosted by Pacific Coast Trail Runs will take place in Redwood Regional Park in the Oakland Hills on Sunday 9 May 2010 at 8:30am.  So I have 9 weeks as of today to train for it and I’ve estimated the mileage I have to do to get up to that distance and be comfortable doing so.  This will be my first 20k and if I worked the math is right and my training holds up I should finish quite respectably.  I’m going to keep on doing course repeats 3x and the next course repeats will increase in distance by 10%. I am always going to be mindful of changing up the degree of elevation on a course and alternate hills with flats mindfully.  Hopefully Cameron will continue his training and I can get some more barefoot practice in.  I think the barefoot business and coaching will help me with overall form and stability.


  • 15th:  5.5, 6.15, 6.15, 6.15 (23.95 week total)
  • 22nd:  6.86, 6.86, 6.86, 7.54 (28.12 week total)
  • 29th:  7.54, 7.54, 8.29, 8.29 (31.66 week total)
  • 83.73 monthly total


  • 5th:  8.29, 9.11, 9.11, 9.11 (35.62 week total)
  • 12th: 10.02, 10.02, 10.02, 11.02 (41.08 week total)
  • 19th: 11.02, 11.02, 12.o2, 12.02 (46.08 week total)
  • 26th: 13.22, 6.61, 6.61 (26.44 week total)
  • 149.22 monthly total


  • 2nd:  13.22, 6.62, 6.61 (26.45 week total)
  • 9th:   RACE DAY! 20 kilometers (12.43 miles)
  • 271.83 aggregate miles in training and racing

It may look crazy, but I can do it.  It is useful to blog this out now because as the miles get longer, so do the hours of training.  It is probable that I may not get a whole long run in the morning before work but I can make up the miles at the gym or start banking miles training others.  I’m stoked, I can do this.

Since I’m in training mode, I’ve plotted a race calendar for 2010:


It appears as if I have no races scheduled during the summer, but I will try to find at least one.  November is hardcore training for the North Face Endurance Challenge, this race is my Championship.



  1. Beautiful place for a run!!

  2. WEEK 1 MILEAGE: 5.53 + 5.71 + 2.61 + 6.03 + 2.59 + 5.98 = 28.45 total
    4.5 miles over target and yoga 5 days a week.

    WEEK 2 MILEAGE: 6.67 + 2.62 + 6.73 + 2.61 + 2.58 + 6.74 = 27.95 total
    -0.17 under target and yoga 5 days a week.
    4.33 miles over 2 week goal of 52.07 miles.

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