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Morning coffee activated my morning shit and I was already 2 minutes late when it hit me at the gym.  When I got to the Group X Studio the 7am Yoga class was already in its opening pose, prone on the floor with a Mexican blanket bolstering the upper shoulders and neck.  I arranged the thin mat ChefJamesO gave me in a spot next to the closet and side by side with @suzboop.  She gave me a wink as I tried to catch up with the class.  Today’s focus was on shoulder openings and I felt disconnected and agitated from running late and slamming the coffee in the Contour on my hurried drive over to the Castro.  My stomach was also still unsettled and upset.

I managed the class aware of how different I was and my little ephemeral yoga body on the inside of me never came quite to the surface.  My Z aura was trapped in a skin aura and failed to emerge.  No problem that, some days its going to be shitty.  I still made the practice and I had a trail run to complete immediately after class.

Down in the locker room I slathered myself well with SPF 50 to protect the skin aura and most especially the scars.  It is a nice day today so I thought it would be a good day to try out the racing singlet or as it says on the tag, the Adidas TM TF SPDSUIT.

My Adidas SPDSUIT is size large and fits perfectly.  Good thing I had shoulder stretching exercises in yoga class because its a job to wriggle into it.  It is basically a spandex onesie in light maroon with white details.  I’m not crazy about the color at all, they are Stanford’s, but it was $3.99 at Ross and I need something like this.  As soon as I got to the beach I realized what the major drawback to this racing singlet would be: its hard to take a piss in.  I had to have a Ranger open up the locked family bathroom for me and negotiate out of it.  I still look pretty good in it.  Wish it were black.

Did the routine with my gear and did a visualization ritual imagining my track and line and moving my body to the rise and fall of the course in the same manner as I saw the Olympian downhill skiers doing on television.  Clear, sunny but cool in the early morning, I knew that the SPDSUIT would be adequate protection because the weather was scheduled to warm as the morning progressed.  Still on this course, all the hard shit is up front but once I wind my way down then back up the slippery serpentine serpentine trail its cruise all the way downhill past the batteries and along the bluffs ’til under the Bridge and down to Crissy Field.  Flat there and then a gradual ascent up Halleck and Mesa.  Recover on the dip of Moraga and then it is a challenge up-hill on the rough trail behind the National Cemetery.

Felt good afterward.  Thought about the training schedule I came up with the other day and realized that I need to start a separate page to keep track of my progress kind of like a digital workbook.  Today I’m done with this course which I will call Battery Chamberlin to the Cemetery Loop, and will start running Golden Gate Park for a 6 mile course tomorrow after Sunrise Yoga.

  • 15 March 2010
  • 9:26 -10:42am
  • 1:13:57
  • 5.53 miles
  • 13:22 avg. pace
  • 4.49 avg. speed
  • 806 feet climbed
  • 776 calories burned


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