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I wanted to do a 4 o’clock yoga class today not really because I felt I needed it but more so because I missed Warrior’s Choice yesterday and wanted to see what other yoga options my gym had to offer.  4 o’clock at Gold’s in the South of Market is hosted by Fauxnique and I’m not ready to take instruction from someone with whom I’m acquainted right now so I opted for the 1 and a half hour Vinyasa Flow at the Castro location.

Parked the Contour on 15th street in an available spot across from Leticia’s predicting that the underground parking structure for the gym was likely to be full.  The gym was buzzing at that hour and feeling markedly different from my early morning association with it.  Took a piss and went up to the Group X Studio.  My early morning 7am Yoga instructor, Ben, was there for the class, and I felt kind of guilty, like maybe I yoga too much.

I took a spot behind Ben, but then really didn’t feel the energy in that position by the window so I sought a better place, near the front but two mats over from the closet.  Eventually I’m getting looks from a guy my age but who looks older and I’m thinking that I swiped his spot.  I’m kind of possessive that way and I know what it feels like to see someone’s mat in my usual space but it is a shared practice and in a shared practice one should always make space for an other.  Then I realized he must have just been admiring my Aloha lava-lava because he was wearing a shirt with “Hawaii” emblazoned across it.  I probably took him to Hula’s for a moment.

The instructor came in and turned up the heat, the class was mostly full so I just ditched the wife beater and wrapped my lava-lava around my waist.  Our instructor warned us that tonight was a true new moon and in general yogis shouldn’t be practicing at all.  I think I may observe that.  He was quite an ebullient instructor who referred to himself in third person. I don’t think my energy was at such an heightened level.  He commented on my skinny mat and gave me a great adjustment towards the end of the class.  I was able to project my yoga Z body in front of my skin aura that earlier today felt so confining.  I did appreciate the difference in this 4 o’clock class I took today, but it made me really love the mellow groove of the instructors at Gold’s whose classes I regularly attend: Ben, Anita and Josh.  I really wish I was doing more Naked Yoga for Men but the schedule and the donation situation haven’t meshed in a way thats good for me presently.


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