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After Sunrise Yoga, Oscar and I went seperate ways; he to get some coffee and breakfast and I to the trail.  Right on schedule in training I was looking forward to an output of just 6.1 miles through Golden Gate Park.  Forecast was mild to pleasant and although I knew the morning would be chill right after the sun came up, I changed into my Adidas shorts and Adidas technical t shirt feeling it would be adequate once I warmed myself up.  A short ride from the Castro Gold’s to park across the street from the National Aids Memorial behind the California Academy of Sciences took less than 15 minutes door to curb.  Got a little excited when I realized I had downloaded 162 podcasts of Beautiful Noise Broadcast and would have some new dj’ed electronic music to listen to for hundreds of hours on the trail.

On the trail encountered a few construction obstacles, temporary chain link fences put up in a construction area where park landscapers are putting in ADA accessible trails.  Easy enough, but confusing to work around these, but soon I’m gliding along in front of the edifice of the California Academy of Sciences feeling quite epic.  

Its all paved past the Concourse and the Japanese Tea Garden until crossing the street at 19th Avenue and then its all trail. Well packed loamy dirt trails that cut through the ancient landscaped trees and I’m thinking to myself that these would be appropriate trails for barefoot running.  Was thinking that the course I planned today would be a bit over my 6.1 mile target so started to improvise a little choosing forks that I haven’t trod upon.  Then I can see Ocean Beach before me and I’m halfway there.  I cross and run up the steps behind the windmill and feel myself taking a course along the chain link fence behind the Polo Fields and follow a suspicious trail that takes me to a wasteland of broken down concrete boulders, mortar and the dessicating trunks of huge fallen trees.

Try to recover there and end up in a dangerous part of the park, most likely a vagabond campsite and would have been trapped if not for the rusted chain link fences that had been pried from their supports that I was able to squeeze through.  A dude on his cellphone had to keep calling his terrier mutt back to him cos the dog was intent on warning me off and rushing me.

The way back is a gradual ascent and I was so intent and centered on the trail that I actually missed the Bison Paddock.  I was finding a nice and steady pace and didn’t really need to stop making me realize what a challenging course I was running through the Presidio the past week.  It was like giving my legs a break and my confidence a boost knowing that I have the ability to run long distances.  I was really warming up and feeling comfortable and I could see the rusted, twisted tower of the DeYoung before and knew my run was almost complete.  Through the sculpture garden there and circling the stone pond twice, wondering what they did with the snapping turtles that used to live in the old fountain and then I’m going through a barricade under the tunnel and am navigating through chain link fences again.

I ended up a little short at 5.71 miles and should have run the course as I had done so previously, behind the Park Chalet.  Not worry about shorting 3/10ths of a mile.  I’ll more than make that up when I hit the beach with Cameron tomorrow where I’ll do 2.5 miles barefoot.

  • 16 March 2010
  • 7:29 – 8:31am
  • 1:01:27
  • 5.71 miles
  • 10:46 avg. pace
  • 5.57 avg. speed
  • 353 feet climbed
  • 770 calories burned
  • 159.8 lbs


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