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Sunrise practice and Oscar was going to go with me, but when I texted him in the morning, he never texted me back so I assumed he was still sleeping.  Ended up running a bit late, packing my gym bag for the trail and fixing coffee and finally was out the door at 5:30.  Oscar texted me on the way and I realized he was waiting outside his flat for me.  Good thing it was on the way.  I pulled over and picked him up and we headed to the gym.

When we scanned our membership cards something buzzed and flashed and Alex at the front desk asked if it were one of our birthdays.  It wasn’t and I was wondering if there was some prize.  She asked for my ID so she could see my birthdate and I pressed her agian for a prize but it wasn’t forthcoming.  Oscar and I went to the locker room.  He changed and I threw my bag in locker 28 then went upstairs to set up our mats.

Just late and joining in frantically, got paranoid about leaving my locker open and ran down to check my lock.  So welcome was this Sunrise Yoga and I appreciated Anita’s smooth and calm instruction.  Eventually Oscar came and joined me on his mat and I had that geeky awkward feeling of hoping that he liked something that I was so crazy for.  It is slightly embarassing my enthusiasm for the practice, but it is delivering results.  Oscar was very balanced but tight and I found the muscles in my ankles burning from one legged stances.  Perhaps because I am already familiar and more in tune with Anita than the instructor I had last night, I found myself opening in places I haven’t opened before and locked down where I usually find I do.  Overall, I felt myself really appreciating the level of instruction and that this morning practice is available to me.

Class over, Oscar told me it was easier than he expected.  Practice is different everyday and it all depends on how much one puts into it that determines how much one gets out of it, as in life.  I hope that he enjoyed it enough to go to yoga more often.  I am finding that I do love a shared practice with friends.


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