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Tuesday night the cocktails got me overconfident and I found myself feeling super model thin and thought I’d throw on a swimsuit and heels and take it to the transvestite club CHASER.  I was going to grab a slice at Chico’s, but after putting on my one piece swimsuit and tight Levi’s, leg warmers and my Giancarlo Paoli open toe stilettoes I thought that pizza would make me feel blooted and kill the effect I was going for.

It was Minnie Ripperton night and I was convinced she was Millie Jackson, until the show started.  There were only two other drag queens performing so Monistat let me perform for a drink ticket.  I picked Ripperton’s “You Take My Breath Away,” hoping it was the Berlin version but it was altogether something else.  So I performed to the empty house on wobbly heels, feeling sexy hot and doing drunken yoga poses.  The lip synch was, well you can imagine.

So later that morning I find myself in the yoga studio looking a little flushed with glitter on my face and smudged kohl around my eyes. Still feeling a buzz.

After yoga was a training day for Cameron.  Just starting out again on the beach, he running in a pair of Pumas, I barefoot.  We are getting an early spring and it was hazy and warm with big breakers crashing on the shore.  I was impressed that Cameron was able to get up in the morning to run, I think that is ultimately one of the toughest challenges in the sport.  I told him that I was willing to taking him out on the trail on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays and he enthusiastically agreed.  I kind of feel that he will need to put in some miles on his own as he progresses but for now this is a good safe and sane start.  As far as my own training is concerned, starting out a new runner is really good for me because it is gentle on my legs and I get the strength training from running barefoot at a slower pace and a shorter distance.  I’ll be able to get in the mileage I have planned in training for the 20k trail race at Redwood Regional Park and soon Cameron will be caught up and running exactly the distances that I need to do anyway.  I’m thinking about making a prognosticative chart to see how many miles he will be up to by my race day.


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