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This morning I thought I’d do Warrior’s Choice Yoga followed by Naked Yoga for Men back to back but as it turns out I’m experiencing some hip pain and that might be a bit of too much yoga for one night.  Was getting dressed for @warriorschoice but I lost just enough weight from working out that my crack shows in my board shorts. I tried them on and I was all ‘fuck yoga clothes, I’ll just go to Naked Yoga!’ but then I thought about it and realized that the sensible thing to do was get the yoga done at the gym and just wrap my lava-lava around my waist like I usually do anyway.

I was glad I went to @warriorschoice. Josh remembered me from class and reintroduced himself and even complimented me on my lava-lava calling it a “nice sarong”.  He was giving Polynesia himself in a pair of aloha print board shorts and pointing out that we kind of matched.  An unexpected bonus was that their was a live percussionist musically accompanying today’s class.  I was totally gonna love it, bring on the hippie, pound the bongos and start ringing the bell.

I forgot to check in with Josh and see what I could do about my hip, but I’m intermediate enough to know when to quit and when to modify.  Josh was in great form and I need to note that he has a very direct but non-pushy way of directing the class’ students.  I was talking to Cameron earlier today about how I realized that I don’t like certain yoga classes because I don’t ‘trust’ certain instructors.  To me Josh has a presence that I immediately responded to and I do trust him with my yoga body.

Great class, a total Burner yoga class with the drums and fully attended.  It was a good thing that I showed up 10 minutes early to get a spot in the sunlight.

So I miss my Naked Yoga practice, but the budget is telling me that I need to attend the yoga classes already paid for with my gym membership.  Still kind of concerned with this hip, but it don’t hurt when I’m running so I’ll talk with Ben tomorrow to see what he recommends and look at how it holds up on the trail.


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  1. Thanks robot!

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