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Got my training run in before I took Cameron to the beach to do his trail run.  I’m just finishing up the 6ish mile run through Golden Gate Park and after that I’ll be targeting a new 6.66 mile course somewhere, most likely from Upper Fort Mason.  Even though I went to the company party in drag and high heels last night and ended up at Chap’s II a drunken fish, I still got up to go out and go trail, surprising myself a little bit.

And today’s training went really well.  It showed how the body really responds to regular practice.  Even though my head wasn’t in it, my legs were totally fueling it and I had respectable sub 10 minute splits over the first 3 miles.  I was also probably responding to the 2 days of recovery, but I still have a soreness in the joint, not the muscle of the hip.  Doesn’t hurt when I run, oddly enough but does so when I stand.  Probably an over extension from too much yoga.  I hope I can adjust it in Warrior’s Choice Yoga tonight.

Stopped at home to pick up some cash because I spent what was left over from my Starbuck’s coffee on $19 of gas at the Arco on Oak Street.  I was obsessed with getting a pork bun.  I picked up Cameron around the corner and we stopped on 5th and Clement at a Chinese restaurant to get the pork buns and shrimp balls and had Dim Sum in the Contour on our drive out to the beach.

Pretty amusing to see the glued on glitter still on the toes of my right foot.  Far from glamorous.  I did the run on the beach barefoot to continue my own investigation of this dubious trend in trail running.  Cameron’s endurance level is steadily improving.  After the run I drove him through the Presidio to show him what his next course will be like once he finishes up one more run on Baker Beach.  We’ll be doing a loop to Immigrant Point from the Presidio Golf Club.

I have to note the weather before I close.  It was an overcast day with no wind and it is the 2nd day of spring.  A perfect morning for a run.

  • 21 March 2010
  • 7:39 – 8:41am
  • 1:02:37
  • 5.98 miles
  • 10:28 avg. pace
  • 5.73 avg. speed
  • 368 feet climbed
  • 816 calories burned
  • 157.4 lbs.


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