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Tweeted my daily aspirations, what I had planned today and noted that I felt more resistance than enthusiasm.  Coffee, Yoga, Trail and NPS Volunteer Uniform.  Out of coffee so didn’t do that, yoga was tough to get through but I felt like it was giving some attention to my sore hip joint.  Trail after yoga seemed moot and now I’m waiting for the kettle to boil and I’ll have some coffee.  I had to modify today’s practice and I’m still feeling the resistance.  I actually feel quite low energy today and will take it easy as I need to.  I’m going to keep my gym bag in the car in case I do feel like running after my volunteer gig and also take a pass to Kabuki Hot Springs if I find I’d rather have a hot tub soak.  I’m just going to see how it goes without pushing it.  I don’t know if its better to work through this hip or to totally rest it. It doesn’t hurt when I run but I don’t want to fuck it up any worse.


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