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I had it pretty much planned out this morning but nothing happened in the predicted sequence yet all my scheduled activities got done.  Yoga came before the coffee and the NPS volunteer uniform came before the trail. Was out of coffee and went to yoga and had a very superficial practice.  Got the coffee came home realizing I was hungry and was out of rice.  Still made a breakfast of shredded pork, a baguette with butter and fried fertile free range eggs.  Mellowed out relaxing on the couch watching an episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race before getting into my NPS Volunteer Uniform.  Nice day at the park spent my time googling barefoot running, directions for tourists and BlackHawk Military Warrior Ops Boots.  Like I said earlier in today’s post MOOT, I had no intention of pushing it.  I was just gonna check in and see how the body felt and permit or deny the activity through the subjective filter of the mind and attempt to find some sort of integrative compromise between the two.

Yoga was strengthening my weak hip and I didn’t notice it much throughout the day and all that research got me kind of fired up so after my shift I changed into my gear in the front seat of my car and endeavored to do a 6.66 mile run from Aquatic Park to Fort Point and back.  I found myself in a pack of rush hour runners and the presence of all these recreators to be inspiring.  Fell in behind a girl in a blue top and bell bottomed running tights and she led all the way to the road to Fort Point before I overtook her, but she regained the lead again on the way back when I had to take a piss in the restrooms by the warming hut.  Everybody was so into their own groove it was quite amazing, realizing maybe I am that yuppie running in the Marina and being fine with that.  Lots of hot guys as always down on Crissy Field some bearing the early evening chill with no shirt but having an hour of added daylight contributing to that overall tan.

  • 22 March 2010
  • 5:32 – 6:40pm
  • 1:08:02
  • 6.67 miles
  • 10:12 avg. pace
  • 5.88 avg. speed
  • 349 feet climbed
  • 907 calories burned
  • 158.6 lbs.



  1. Nice! I’m starting yoga this week too!

    • I’m doing cray cray yoga monday through thursday sunrise practices and sunday warriors choice yoga. today was hard, but i think it really helps the mind on the running and the body with the mind.

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