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When I got to the Group X Studio for 7am Yoga the gym’s air conditioning was broken and blowing chilled air into the classroom.  A full class of yogis and yoginis walking around trying to stay warmed up and confused about the new wrinkle in their environment.  I was pleased to see @suzboop in the studio and she was concerned about the cold room suggesting that she might do a home practice instead.  I was prepared to stay, it wasn’t easy getting up for yoga and since I was already here I wasn’t going to turn back home.

I was well prepared with my Samoan lava-lava in a richer stiffer fabric than the rayon Aloha sarongs.  I was also in a nautical tattoo print cotton hoodie so I knew I could moderate my temperature in the class with the air conditioner on even though I was wearing a pair of skimpy old school Olympia Beer gym shorts over a Steamworks bathhouse jockstrap.  Ben led us in an active Vinyasa and soon the class was generating heat and the only two people left seemed like they had to do so for time constraints rather than because of the unexpectedly cool classroom.

After class @suzboop and I left the gym together and chatted on the corner of Market and Noe.  I went home to make a cup of coffee and get changed to take Cameron down for his last training run at the beach before we start a new trail together.

To change for the beach I just took off the gym shorts and jockstrap and put on a really old pair of black Adidas warm up shells to accompany the hoodie and the dirty wife beater I had already worn to yoga.  Made some coffee and took the spilling mug of it down to the Contour to go and pick up Cameron around the corner and drive to the beach.  I was still excited and impressed that he has stuck with his commitment to running trail.

It wasn’t as cold as I expected at the beach so I was a little overdressed in the track suit bottoms nor was I aerodynamic.  But these training runs with Cameron are foremost to build up his endurance and for me to continue my inquiry into barefoot running in a safer, saner and more consensual way.   There really is no need for me to keep track of timing statistics, because the paces are Cameron’s and not mine but I will put down a map at least once of each course we train together.  On Monday I didn’t think that I’d be able to do the next trail barefoot with Cameron, but now I think I will, keeping a spare pair of shoes in the storage compartment of my CamelBak just in case I get freaked out.  The distance planned is just under 3 miles so I really think I will be ok and am excited to try out multiple terrain, dirt trail, gravel trail and some road completely unshod.

As a note for Cameron, he only really had to stop once, but if he ran just a little slower and paced himself I don’t think he’d have to.  I am concerned about his shoes, and hope he gets a more suitable pair for our run on Friday at 7am.  My feet are getting tougher, I think that a mind to foot, foot to mind consciousness is developing, so even though I am not planning on running any races barefoot, I can see the improvement that barefoot cross training is doing for me over all.


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