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Ten feet onto a graveled trail in the Presidio, my inquiry into barefoot running reached a conclusion: unsustainable except for at the beach or on loamy trails.  Although today’s training run with Cameron was the same distance as what we had run on the beach, the course consisted of a lot of gravely trails.  I tried to start barefoot but I was experiencing to much tenderness in my feet landing on a cold rocky trail.  So as far as I’m concerned I may do more barefoot running on the beach, but no way am I going to be doing it on these gravely trails that I’m used to running shod.

Cameron did well in his new pair of New Balance.  I had to run in an old pair of Adidas Daroga’s.  He stopped twice and is complaining about a pain in his knees, but I could totally see his endurance improving.  I suspect that it is the pain from the torqued nerve from over pronation that signifies piriformis syndrome.  The spasms are just an alarm from the body that the muscles have been neglected and are impinging the nerve.  Running brings up pains. Pain is a component of the sport. Its just important to be smart about it and learn effective ways to train through, rest and recover.


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