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Sunrise Yoga, doubted I’d make it but my crazy yoga body woke up pumped for it so off to class I went.  Yesterday I went shopping for some yoga clothes and found at Community Thrift the perfect pair of home sewed black velvet pants with red satin front and back pockets and waist band. Black Baroque crosses printed on the red satin fabric make these very Faerie/Burner yoga pants.  I went to the Bombay Bazar to find a sarong to match and I did, sheer black with a red trim with points on one side.  When I put the pants on in the morning with a black wife beater and the sarong it looked just a wee bit draggy so I left out the sarong.  The black velvet pants made me feel very hippie flow in my wizardly yoga clothes.

I also packed a gym bag and changed in the locker room to continue the trail I’m doing from Aquatic Park to Fort Point.  When I parked in an NPS Permit only parking spot and got out to arrange my gear it was pouring down rain. Two open water swimmers were doing the towel striptease changing out of their wet suits trying to get dry in the downpour.  I got what I needed out of the trunk and equipped it inside the Contour.  By the time I was finished the cloudburst had spent itself.  I got through my whole run with the weather being cooperative.

Was steady but not impressively fast at all.  Yoga is strengthening my piriformis muscle and the run today was pain free.  Feeling really good about this course but it is just a bit to urban for me.  Looks like I will finish it up on Sunday afternoon after a training run with Cameron in the Presidio and before @warriorschoice yoga or Naked Yoga for Men depending on how I’m doing with time.

  • 25 March 2010
  • 7:42 – 8:54am
  • 1:11:13
  • 6.73 miles
  • 10:38 avg. pace
  • 5.64 avg. speed
  • 377 feet climbed
  • 867 calories burned


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