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Gets to sleep in a little for a 9am Sunday morning run with my activity partner Cameron.  Beautiful day for outdoor recreation and fitness with the thrill of spring in the air.  Drove out with Cameron to the Presidio Golf Club and did our loop to Immigration Point and back.  Cameron started out pretty hard and I was impressed.  His new shoes and new found endurance are paying off.  He has a little problem with his knees and buttocks I’m sure now that every lower body muscle ache has something to do with piriformis syndrome.

Coaching has its benefits for certain.  Stopped at the same Chinese Restaurant on Clement St. for some dim sum and ate most of it in the car on the way to drop Cameron off at home on Folsom Street.  Headed straight out to get my own training done parking at the end of Van Ness Street to run from Aquatic Park to Fort Point and back.  Even though NPS permit parking is only during weekdays I guess I got there early enough to get a spot where I usually do.  Out of the car and watching the open water tri guys changing into their brand new wetsuits, torsos exposed and lower bodies clad in skin tight black neo-prene.  Seeing these athletes in their topless casualness decided me to run without a shirt.  It was sunny enough but just cool enough for it to be not so uncomfortable.  Get a tan and a run in.  Multitask.

So the run was good.  So many people out.  The Chico’s slice I had last night was fucking up my tummy a bit and the pot I smoked the night before that congested my lungs earlier on the trail had cleared itself out.  So many Sunday recreators out on the Marina Green and Crissy Field and a fair number of hot runners and soccer players cavorting with no shirts.  I had to take 3 potty breaks so my time wasn’t the greatest but it was totally appropriate for a casual Sunday afternoon run.  I started wondering if I had miscalculated my mileage and ability for my upcoming 20 kilometer trail race on Sunday 9 May but I plan on checking out the course after 7am Yoga before I commit to registering at any distance.

Run complete in the middle of the Municipal Pier I walked back to the Contour to drop off my gear and then walked over to the Visitor’s Center of the San Francisco Maritime National Park where I had forgotten my black canteen on my last shift there.  Walking past the beach at Aquatic Park I saw these two young lovers sitting on the sand in a heart shaped garland of flowers and it was a beautiful thing that made every passer by smile.  One commented, “Only in San Francisco.” Yes. Only in San Francisco, indeed.

  • 28 March 2010
  • 11:22am – 12:42pm
  • 1:18:23
  • 6.74 miles
  • 11:38 avg. pace
  • 5.16 avg. speed
  • 307 feet climbed
  • 919 calories burned
  • 159.6 lbs.


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