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9 and a quarter miles done in my two trail running workouts got home with just enough time to contemplate Warrior’s Choice or Naked Yoga for Men.  The flow that I got going with Josh decided me to continue with the 4oclock class at Gold’s Soma rather than the 6oclock donation based naked practice at Mission Yoga.  Also knowing me I’d probably have more than just one recovery vodka soda with lime and end up blowing both yogas.  So I had a nice long hot shower and changed into my black velvet yoga pants, black wife beater, Coach boots and a BORIS hoodie and tallied on down to Golds for @warriorschoice.

I got to the studio about 15 minutes early to grab my favorite spot near the front of the room in a puddle of sunlight.  I composed myself to meditate and stretch a bit to loosen up from today’s runs.  The class filled up steadily and before the practice Josh asked about any injuries he should know about and I didn’t pipe up but he came specifically to me and inquired.  I confessed my hip and piriformis syndrome with sciatica but assured him that the yoga and awareness was working out the tenderness and spasms.

Got through class alright, but a little tired from all the running I did earlier and still had to modify for my hip a bit, but throughout the class I was feeling good that I have a good core of yoga instructors.  At the end of the class Josh showed me a stretch specific to the hip.  This gym membership is paying off.  I am commencing my 7th straight week of yoga 5 days in a row.


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