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I’m amazed that I wake up to do my early morning yoga ritual.  Today I almost considered blowing it off but it would take more energy to go back to bed than go to Sunrise Yoga.  Making it routine, put on the kettle for coffee, shower if needed and throw on something comfortable and my flip flops.  I felt really clean and fresh this morning, well rested and scrubbed from my workouts and spa yesterday.  My feet were nice and bright from the soaking in the hot pool and the sea salt exfoliation I gave myself in the Kabuki steam room.  I was feeling a little not sexy yesterday because I was being ignored by the hot guys, but I’m over that today.  I’m not fat, I think I just got to do some weight training to tighten and define my upper body.


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  1. Way to build good habits! That’s the way I am, no thought, just DO IT – like Nike… ya know?

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