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Wednesday morning 7am Yoga finding nice poses that were opening up and strengthening my sore hip.  The remarkable thing about recovering from this injury is that I feel stronger in the hips than I ever had before.  I really enjoyed that @suzboop was in class today and she likes my latest yoga outfit cos it looks tuff: baggy black Adidas track suit bottoms and a black wife beater.  After class she told me she was going to the premier of our friends’ play Scalpel! and helping out D’Arcy Drollinger, the musical’s writer and director, with publicity using social media platforms like twitter.  I told her that I’d go and she gave me a promo code for $10 off.  I have to say its going to be a huge hit and I’m glad I got to see it premiered.

Afterward I went home to get on some running gear and made sure to pack well because I had my activity partner, Cameron, to train up in the Presidio then get my own training in over in the Oakland Hills at Redwood Regional Park.  I wasn’t exactly sure if I was going to make it out to the trail but I wanted to be prepared.  It had rained on my way to 7am yoga but it had cleared up after class.  Cameron is doing well on the trail and I’m impressed with his progress.  Dropped Cameron off back at his place and since I was pointed in that direction headed straight out to Oakland.

Stopped at the Safeway Deli in the Lincoln Town Center up in the Oakland Hills and got a pizza stick, 2 jalapeno poppers and a corndog eating everything but the deep fried corn battered weenie on the drive and finished up the corndog in the Contour in the Redwood Regional Park parking lot.  The weather was holding and clear as I started my run and by the time I had gotten to the first course change realized it was going to be just enough on the warm side of cool that I really wouldn’t be needing a shirt so I took it off and stowed it in my CamelBak following the Stream Trail to Tres Sendas.

At Tres Sendas the trail forks and dips down into a stream fed rain forest under a canopy of thick redwood and moss covered oak.  Fern grows on the side of the trails and boulders in the stream bed are worn smooth by the passage of waters and passers by.  It is vast and epic and connects with French Trail dipping but mostly rising.  I felt like a fantastic faun leaping across creeks and loping along the trail but I was still taking this course slowly making sure to note every trail marked and lock it in memory.  The single track of the French Trail rises and as it winds its way down to Mill Trail I think of race strategy and trying to pass without falling or stumbling off the trail down into the ravine.  Even though my structured training gloves irritate the skin on my hands I’ll wear them for the race and the dress rehearsal a week prior to the big show.

Passing Chown which I had run previously, checked my map and decided to continue down French to Orchard.  I still felt like I was running short of 10 kilometers and by the time I came out onto the main road realized I had only run 5 miles.  I’m still trying to match my training runs in Redwood Regional to the actual trail map posted on Pacific Coast Trail Runs’ web site but having raced before know that the course is never as it is presented on the web.  My training has shifted a little bit now that I am working with Cameron.  I decided to abandon the notion of running a 20k on this course and instead have already registered for the 10k distance.  The program I laid out in TRAINING MODE will be modified.  Ultimately what I’m going to do is continue running with Cameron and hit this course in the Oakland Hills on the weekdays to avoid the weekend and holiday park fees, however this weekend I’ll be going up to Harbin Hot Springs with my BBGFF Connie Champagne so I won’t revisit Redwood Regional until next Wednesday.  At Harbin I’ll look to do one 10k run on Monday on the ridges there and also continue with my yoga 5 days in a row I’ve practiced consistently.  On Sundays and days when I can squeeze it in before work I’ll continue my course of 3’s finishing the Aquatic Park to Fort Point Loop and figuring out whats next.  7 miles barefoot on Fort Funston Beach?  We’ll see.  I’m excited and happy to be registered. By the way, I so do need the spa!

  • 31 March 2o10
  • 11:30am – 1:08pm
  • 1:34:38
  • 5.09 miles
  • 18:35 avg. pace
  • 3.23 avg. speed
  • 642 feet climbed
  • 599 calories burned


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