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After my run in Redwood Regional Park (still somewhat exploratory as I am still trying to figure out the course) I stopped at KFC on MacArthur Boulevard for a 2 piece with a side of mashed and gravy and a corn cob cobette.  I had just enough time to go home and have a long hot shower before my appointment for an hour massage with my therapist, Scott Henady, and it felt really good to take an extended shower and wash all the mud from the trail off of my body.  For the drive over to my treatment I put on my black velvet yoga pants and a black and orange daishiki and my Coach boots, wanting to feel free flowy and ethereal, still channeling the frolicking faun I was running as under the redwoods.  The wind had picked up and with it the breeze causing the dolman sleeves of my daishiki to blow flatteringly.

Checked in with Scott about the plague of my hips and he offered me stretches which I had already been doing affirming that I am rehabbing properly.  The treatment was intense, deep tissue type stuff that addressed my pain and discomfort which had been subsiding since the initial spasms of a few weeks ago.  The rain picked up and was a nice complement to the streaming massage music and an appropriate counterpoint to my pain.

Show at 8 and not much time to get into red carpet drag for theWorld Premier of Scalpel! the Musical. Important to because all my social acquaintances in the performance world were either going to be there or be in the play.  Also I was meeting the rhythm guitarist for the Go-Go’s, Jane, who was going as @suzboop’s date.  Feeling moisturized from my massage, I just threw on a DKNY black button up with a skull and crossed swords applique on the back under my ex Lavice’s St. Vitus leather vest, my black velvet torturer’s cape and one red trimmed sheer black sarong and a black pashmina scarf.  Black earmuffs that wrapped behind my skull completed the look.

I took the 12 Folsom Pacific to the Mission.  Getting off on 24th Street an old Mexicano called me a “Count Dracula.” “Blacula” I corrected him and proceeded into Pop’s Bar were @suzboop, Jane and Sue M. were already there having cocktails.  I knew that people in the know would know to go to Pop’s for a pre-show cocktail because it is right across the street from Brava Theater and also family owned.  Slammed down two vodka sodas with lime and Jane had overspiced her taco so the 3 of us went to the liquor store so Jane could get some dairy to neutralize the caspacin and Sue M. to get a bottle of Royal Gate, Red Veins and some Starburst.

I had a cookie in my pocket, half of which I ate on the bus on the way over and I finished it in my seat as we waited for the curtains to open.  It was a sold out show and hugely anticipated.  When the scrim came up and I saw my friends in their starring roles totally blowing away the audience with the characters they were portraying, I couldn’t help screaming like I was in a rock show.  I’m sure they appreciated it, after all, it is a rock show.

The production closed to a standing ovation and there was an after party in the theater lobby where I was able to congratulate the performers and catch up with those I didn’t get a chance to talk with before the show.  My yoga body clock was ticking down and my carriage was turning into a pumpkin, my horsemen mice so I made a silent exit cape streaming to the bus stop making sure not to drop a Coach boot. My conveyance arrived in just 3 minutes.

Needless to say waking up at 5am for Sunrise Yoga was a feat unto itself, but I managed to go.  I pretty much crapped through the whole practice, my yoga instructor coming over and asking me if I was on like day 30 of straight yoga.  “No,” I said, “I’m on like day 50.”

So I took a nap until I had to go to work, ended up being so slammed all day at the end of it I didn’t even have the energy to go to the liquor store and make my own vodka soda and lime so I went to Chaps II instead and by the second cocktail I could totally feel all of my muscles seizing up in an extended body wide multipoint cramp.

Then I wake up after 6am the next morning to take my activity partner, Cameron, on the last of his training runs in the Presidio before we start running a Lands End course.  Cameron was doing great and making me proud but up the short hill from Amatury Loop to Naumann he got a total twinge in his knee and we had to walk out the finish of the run.  It may actually be the knee brace that is fucking things up with him.  I advised him to ice, elevate and stretch when he got home and when he did he reported that the knee is feeling much better.  I’m pretty sure he’ll be ready to do our Sunday run before I go to Harbin with Connie.


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