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Pretty tore up this week but a spa looms in the afternoon and I’m looking forward to yoga, soaking, running and being up in the hot waters of Harbin.  As usual I’m pressed for time and need to pack, flat is in total disarray, embarrassingly so, but I’ll sort it out when I get back.  No need to stress before going on a trip to relax.  Its bothered me a bit, but I can live with it while I’m away.

Already picked up Cameron for his trail run through Lands End.  The trail was lush with blooming wild onion and Indian Paintbrush.  His endurance is improving and I am a bit impressed.  End of run reward on Sundays is a treat of pork buns and shrimp balls dim sum in the Contour.

I’ve decided to register for The San Francisco Marathon, the whole damn thing, not just the half.  Ultimately what is deciding me is that the 1/2 marathon medal is a key fob but the full is a 3.25″ size medal big enough to set a cocktail on.  Also it is a $95 entrance fee for the 1/2, $120 for the full, so for only $25 bucks more I get twice the pain for my money.  Can I do it? Yes I think so.  I already train on most of the course and I’ll have to break down each section into vignettes and train accordingly.  What is going to be challenging for me is getting over my snobbery of running trail and run some road, but really is there a more beautiful city to run through than San Francisco?  I don’t think so.  I also feel like this is my home turf and I need to defend it.  As a trail runner I have something to prove.  That trail runners are capable of doing it on road.

Training for this marathon on 25 July fits right into my scheme of training for races this season and will give me the confidence to do some trail ultras in 2011.  I think I got this, but for now I’m just going to focus on my performance at Redwood Regional.  I’m looking forward to plotting, but for the moment, I need to get my shit together to go to the naked hippie hot spring resort.


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