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This week after getting back from Harbin I’ve really minimized the activities by foregoing yoga at the gym and only doing the low mileage runs with my activity partner.  After some arduous trail running and scouting on the trails up at the naked hippie hot spring resort and a little yoga and lots of relaxation and hot tubbing there, coming back to the city and checking in with myself I felt like I really needed to catch up on my sleep and my neglected flat.  Just a little more focus needs to be spent on my environment and I feel like I’m coming to a state of balance.  I’ve also reached a weight goal of under 156 lbs. so I’m feeling *hench, which is British slang for big, strong and muscular.

So completed Wednesday and Friday runs with Cameron at Lands End.  We’ll finish the trail on Sunday then begin some hill work by running the switchback at Battery Chamberlin to the Golden Gate Bridge and back.  Meanwhile, I’ll hit Aquatic Park to Fort Point after training with Cameron on Sunday, or totally forgo it in favor of spending more time at the flat.  In any event, I will definitely go to Redwood Regional to rehearse the course after 7am yoga on Monday.


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