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Training in the rain this morning but not much to it since its just a short run with Cameron and it wasn’t so cold or much of a downpour.  Finishing up the Lands End Trail before moving on to Battery Chamberlin and The Bridge.  Excited that Cameron got a taste of the rain and it really isn’t so bad as long as one is moving through it, its when it stops that it can get cold and miserable. Have tickets to the Giants game today and spent quite a bit of my time on the trail today preoccupied with dread anticipation of sitting out a rain delay fully exposed but what am I going to do.  Finishing up the trail today saw a coyote right on the golf course and took a picture of her, a nice reward for waking up early on a Sunday and running in the rain.  Tomorrow I look forward to getting back in morning yoga and a tastey muddy trail in the Oakland Hills.


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