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Still dealing with the vestiges of a so called ‘spring break’ from over use and morning yoga and this Monday the body was holding out for more sleep, stumbling to take a morning piss after the alarm went off at 6am I shut the chimes down and stayed in bed till just after 10.  Not really coming up with any concrete plans just running various scenarios and the best idea was to wake up, make coffee and check out the schedule at the Gold’s in Oakland to see if they had a lunch hour yoga after which I could hit the trail up at Redwood Regional.  As it turned out they did have a class at noon so that gave me enough time for a second cup and to check out the driving directions and get a heads up from the gym about what I could expect for parking around Lake Merrit.

The Oakland Gold’s is right off the freeway, super convenient.  I avoided the parking meters right in front of the gym and drove up into a residential area behind it but couldn’t find street parking because it was street cleaning day on one side of the street.  Turned around and ended up parking in a limited to 1 hour non metered space at the park in front of the public library.  Was concerned because it was about 11:45 and the class was due to get out at 1 and thought would it save time to not change into my trail gear in the gym after class but decided essentially it wouldn’t make that much of a difference so I shlugged my gym bag and CamelBak up to the men’s locker room to store it there and went down to Studio Energy for the noon yoga class with Ashley.

Studio Energy is a bit awkward with spin bikes stored out of use on one side and the clutter of other workout paraphernalia along the other 3 walls.  Square support columns throughout the room further clutter and confine the room but I chose a spot in front of one so that I wouldn’t have a yogi fore nor aft of me.  No Mexican blankets to be had so I just grabbed a couple of foam blocks and sat kneeling on top of them on my little mat.  The instructor came to me and introduced herself as Ashley and asked if I practiced yoga before.  I told her I am a yogi and I practice at the gym in San Francisco.  She then asked me if I knew Darren Main and I told her yes, and that my regular practice is Naked Yoga for Men.  She confessed she loves Darren and I felt good for this connection, again, all different nuts hanging off the same yoga tree.

Class was nice, short and not too challenging.  Found myself missing my regular instructors, but appreciating this bit of diversity.  Then it was back up to the locker room to put on the trail gear and out to the library parking lot where, to my pleasure, no ticket festooned any one of my windshield wipers.

35th Avenue exit is not too far down the 580 from Grand and soon I was pulling into the Lincoln Town Center Safeway to take a dump in their can and pick up some fried food under hot lights in the Deli for a little road trip brunch to eat in the car on my way to Redwood Regional.  In the parking lot of the park arranged my pack and protected my iPhone in a ziploc specimen bag in case it rained.  Had a new plan to try to make this trail a 10kilometer course by running up Orchard and connecting with the West Ridge Trail and circling around back to the parking lot.

I did today’s course without music, gearing up for the rules in the race that state that no headphones are allowed on single track trail.  I found I didn’t really miss it.  Pretty much have this course down: Stream to Tres Sendas to French to Orchard up to West Ridge.  Then I had to improvise and I went the wrong way at the end.  I should have headed back to Fishway and crossed the bridge and took the road that leads into the park past the Ranger’s booth.  In any event, I made this course 6 miles and I didn’t run it famously, just cautiously still getting prepped for my race in 4 weeks time.

  • 12 April 2010
  • 1:59 – 3:33pm
  • 1:31:05
  • 6.09 miles
  • 14:57 avg. pace
  • 4.01 avg. speed
  • 790 feet climbed
  • 852 calories burned
  • 155.6 lbs


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