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Back to 7am yoga after a brief hiatus and glad to be back in my regular studio with a familiar instructor.  More of a yoga-trekker kind of uniform in class today with loose synthetic khaki cargoes that can be rolled up and buttoned into knickers or shorts topped by a white wife beater.  After yoga I stopped at home and gathered up glass and plastic bottles to recycle for the CRV at Whole Foods before picking up my activity partner Cameron.  We drove out to Baker Beach to do a loop starting at Battery Chamberlin to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Sunny with the marine layer dispersed from a little offshore wind made the ambient temperature cool but still nice.  Cameron surprised me by taking the whole hill in the front without breaking down to walk but was having trouble with the knee again on down stairs and down hills.  His training is coming along nicely.  I’m a little impressed because I never made it all the way up that hill the first time in training without stopping.  Must be a good coach.  Trails are drying out but there was a puddle in the tunnel and walking over a board that served as a bridge there, I smacked my head on the archway.  I’m fine.  I’m liking the way things are coming together.


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