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Did a 7am Sunday run with my activity partner because I had a 10am Docent training on how to interpret resources at the National Park where I do my volunteer service.  Was glad to get this run in from Battery Chamberlin and also am noticing my energy coming back.  When Cameron and I crested the hill I noticed an aid station for a running event and explained to Cameron what was most likely going on.  As we came out of the Golden Gate Bridge parking lot we could see race leaders and by the time we got to the road taking us down to Crissy Field the running horde were charging up Lincoln.  I stopped to take a photo and Cameron continued down the hill and up the Crissy Field  Steps.  I caught up to him near the top of the stairs.  The blood on the trail was still there and had darkened from oxidation since Wednesday.  We continued along the bluffs and as we were getting ready to run down into the bunkers, the lead runners had caught us and were coming at us in the opposite direction.  This portion of the trail here is narrow and I could see Cameron reacting to getting mowed over by these runners.  I instructed Cameron to hold his ground, keep a steady pace and be predictable.  I could see him wanting to stop or go to the side of the trail, but I wasn’t going to let him do it.  Then of course after the lead runners went came the horde.  We kept to the right and as inside as we could and I talked Cameron through the whole scary stampede.  By the time we reached the first drinks station we passed we were able to go back behind the road barricade and stay on the trail and avoid the runners traffic coming our way.  Was treated to quite nice views of flat abbed racers and some pretty gorgeous packages.  Runners are hot.

Had enough time to get to my training on time but it ran late until 4pm so Warrior’s Choice Yoga at Gold’s Soma was pretty much out of the question, but I had predicted that and I thought that I’d be good to go to Naked Yoga for Men.  After chilling at home, in the shower I thought that I’d just not go, but I had to put the motivation in order cos I had already had my little active rest from last week and I don’t want my hiatus to get the best of me.  Left early to give myself enough time to find parking in the Mission because on a hot day everybody goes down there and got priority parking right in front of the old hippie’s house who has a regular Sunday rummage sale.  Stereo tuners, bad art, rugs and records.  Had a bit of a gnawing hunger so I went to a cafe adjacent to the studio for a pastry, on the way passing the sub and realizing I got duped into going to Naked Yoga against my intuition and @darrenjmain wouldn’t be teaching.  Acknowledged by the sub with my yoga mat under my arm I knew I couldn’t not show up, so I just had a middling blueberry scone on a bench outside the cafe before going up to the class.  I resigned myself to get the most out of the naked practice, took off my clothes and dealt with it.  I ended up in the front of class because I guess the shy guys like to crowd the back.  In spite of my disappointment I had to put all judgment aside and focus on my  practice, realizing that mine is different than most, but really happy that I’ve got one that is uniquely my own.


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