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I decided to do my run at Aquatic Park to Fort Point after I finish up my volunteer shift today at San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park It made no sense to rush to the trail in morning traffic after my 7am yoga class to run then rush home to get into uniform and rush back to the park.  7am yoga was a good practice today and it was cool to see @suzboop walking down Noe Street with her yoga mat under her arm as I was getting out of my Contour in front of Cafe Flore.  Felt a little tight in class so I modified at will, which is my practice and after the class @suzboop told me she had a vision of hooking me up with her not-for-profit tech friend in DC who may resemble, but does not identify as a bear.  Hey, I’ll take it.  I like that type.  So after class I’m looking at the clock and its almost 8:30 and crunching the numbers realized I’d rather just have breakfast and relax before ironing my uniform.

But on the drive home, in cross town morning traffic, I kind of figured out where I’m at as far as preparing for my upcoming race at Redwood Regional and how it works out for training with Cameron.  With the race just being 3 weeks out: just do the miles with Cameron and go out to Redwood on the weekdays when I can.  It should serve as a taper and because I have docent duty on 3 May, then Wednesday 5 May will be my last time to rehearse on that course.


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