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As per my intentions, I fulfilled my commitment to complete my Monday run after my volunteer stint at San Francisco Maritime ended at 5pm.  During my shift I considered bottoming out and not doing it considering a storm was due but after spending the day at Aquatic Park and down on the Wharf and seeing all the runners passing by I knew that I had to.  I also had started planning my San Francisco Marathon training by finding a free program on the web written by Runner’s World Writer, Hal Higdon.  I had seen this program online years before and crunched some dates with my mileage and figured it an excellent template which I will adapt to the way I already train once I complete my first race of the season on 9 May.

The storm was coming, blowing in cool moisture but as yet no precipitation.  I changed into my running gear in the passenger seat of my Contour: shorts, my black Adidas Marathon 10s and white Reebok compression shirt.  I realized I had left my earbuds in my Adidas windbreaker but my last run up at Redwood Regional and all the work I’ve been doing with Cameron without music convinced me I’d be allright for this 6.7 miler minus the pumped in sound.  I  jogged off and was a little surprised to find latent power which I rapidly exhausted as I ran up the concrete steps towards Upper Fort Mason.

Running into headwind I just moved forward concentrating on my stride and breath knowing that the gusts would let up on the return leg.  Not very many runners on the trail at Marina Green, likely a result of the Weekend Warrior recovering on a rest day or the ensuing inclement weather.  I was able to maintain a nice steady pace and a centered focus like I do sometimes in yoga, thinking of nothing but the sensations of the body and observing yet not attending to or judging the thoughts when they bubble to the surface.  I was also trying to be easy on the water in my CamelBak in order to estimate how I’d fare running unencumbered by my hydration unit during the marathon.  By the time I got to the Warming Hut I stopped to piss then I continued on down to Fort Point still running against the wind.

The hill upon which the Southern span of the Golden Gate Bridge is anchored offers protection from the wind, but the exposed expanse of the Crissy Field promenade pitted that wind against me. On my return to the Municipal Pier the wind swept down the hills of the Presidio to buffet me. Nothing to do but run with it.  Then to my disappointment I became aware I was getting a pretty badly chafed in my left inner thigh, and I’m like-oh fuck, argh, not this again!

Nothing to do but tough it out and I tried to run without my legs rubbing against each other but my balls got in the way.  Was wondering how strategic castration or gender reassignment would improve my overall racing statistics.  My results showed that my pace didn’t really suffer but I was  rubbed raw and was in level 7/8 discomfort.  A little pissed because although I am building endurance, my skin is suffering from the miles.  I resolved to start using Body Glide and limiting the wear of my shorts to only once a run.  The chafing also made me realize it is time to taper down and only work out with Cameron so I’m not so raw I can’t compete.

Finally made it back to the Municipal Pier and checked my time.  I was stoked to see I ran the whole thing sub 10.  Had to tug my shorts up to let my thighs cool down and drove the whole way home with my cold hands tucked in my crotch to take the sting out of the inflammation.

  • 19 April 2010
  • 5:14 -6:20pm
  • 1:05:07
  • 6.67 miles
  • 9:46 avg. pace
  • 6.14 avg. speed
  • 277 feet climbed
  • 880 calories burned
  • 154.6 lbs.


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