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Alarm chiming softly on my iPhone to alert me for Sunrise Yoga I wake gently realizing I’m good to go.  I linger in my bed, listening to the rain coming down in the darkness and debate what to wear to practice.  I get up to turn on Mr. Coffee and retreat to the covers again until I hear the new machine gurgle completeness.  The coffee tastes great and is cheap and because it comes from a can I know now that I just hit a milestone.  My grandpa drank coffee that came in a can.  I remember the smell, the tin, the logo and how it looked inside his cup but can’t remember the exact appliance he brewed it in.  I apply a balm of lavender, calendula and chamomile to my chafed thigh and follow with a medicated powder.  Pull on my white Local Motion board shorts, a white wife beater, fresh white socks and my Coach boots.  So I don’t spill coffee on my white shorts, I wrap my waist in my grandma’s light blue lava-lava with a print of red and white abstract Polynesian buds, flowers and leaves.  I put on my white USA Olympic hoodie with red trim as protection from the rain and I’m out the door and in the Contour with as little as a canteen of water and a cup of creamed and sugared coffee in my hands.

Today was the first time I attended Sunrise Yoga since April Fool’s Day.  The time I spent at Harbin over Easter let me know that I needed to slow it down.  Another issue was lack of sleep and then I realized I was on my Moon and having a very heavy cycle.  What had improved over my hiatus was maintaining a stable low weight at around 155 and the appearance of tone in my musculature.  There was also the issue of the hip, which seems to be getting stronger.  Today’s practice was awesome and I appreciate not only Anita, the instructor but also the regular yogis and yoginis whose presence in class make me feel welcome.  Room got hot and my wife beater got irritating and prickly as I started to sweat, so I took it off and felt totally comfortable.

I checked in with Anita to tell her that I was happy to be back.  She had thought that something was wrong with my foot, but I explained what I had earlier about lack of sleep, over training and my cycle.  When I passed the front desk on my way out of the gym the attendant stopped me to ask what I was wearing earlier.  I replied, “My lava-lava…” and then gestured toward it and gave it a tug as I was now wearing it as a scarf underneath my Nike Olympic hoodie, “…it is the ultimate Polynesian utility garment.”  The other attendant nodded his head in agreement and said, “I know lava-lava.”

So our yoga practice had stopped the rain and I walk to my Contour, get inside, turn the keys and the windshield wipers start and the radio comes on but she won’t turn over and I’m like -ruh roh!  Getting a battery light and an oil light so I go and check the oil and its sufficient albeit dark and there is no corrosion on the battery and I am struck that I am having a confounding post-modern moment where I actually need a pay phone and I know that one doesn’t exist.

I go back into Gold’s and the attendant asks me what did I forget.  I tell her nothing, my car won’t start.  She offers the phone and dials AAA for me.  Very helpful operator assures me that I’ll be assisted within an half hour and asks me if there is anything else I need.  “A cup of coffee,” I tell her and she tells me to be sure that I get one but I ain’t got no wallet, no money, no phone.

Its pouring down rain again when I go back to the Contour and give it one more start to confirm its not going nowhere and to kill time I start cleaning out the trunk.  First load of trash in the corner receptacle and the tow truck shows up.  Cast tow truck driver here as Meathead from All in the Family and it doesn’t get much more stereotypical than that.  I tell him the radio and wipers work and he suggests that maybe I didn’t close the door all the way and the dome light drained just enough of the battery.  Contour turns over on the first jump and the tow truck driver recommends that I drive it for at least 20 minutes to fully recharge the battery.  On a whim I decide to drive up to Twin Peaks to make a scenic use of the time.

The City looks so beautiful mantled in clouds and veiled in rain from atop Twin Peaks.  The Bay and the islands she contain are majestic.  The Ocean to the West is clearing and the Sun arches over the Storm to illuminate the horizon.  2o minutes sufficiently used I’m pulling out and I realize I have James’ digital camera in the glove box so I re-park and make photographs.

Driving home I find that my right side tail light is out and I come to the realization that Mercury Retrograde is in full effect.  I park in front of my flat and rummage through the trunk looking for a spare tail light bulb and discover all kinds of useful/non-useful items back there and as it turns out the spare is in the glove box which itself is also filled with the useful/non-useful.  Pop that little bitch in and I’m good to go.  During Mercury Retrograde I have learned it is ill advised to start any new projects, don’t count on electronics, expect to be misconstrued and misunderstood, and finish unfinished business.  Retrogrades signify the ‘do-over’ so one can expect to have to do the same task more than once.


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