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Moving backwards in Space from the perspective of Time moving forward.  If I weren’t composed of Matter this observation would be impossible.  Still subject to retrograde energies and obstructed from my usual route by the flow of traffic I took a different way to the trail after picking up Cameron and to give Mercury his due, decided to run the trail in reverse.

We parked in the non metered lot adjacent to the main parking lot of the Golden Gate Bridge right off of Lincoln.  It took some mental gymnastics to flip it and reverse it but we headed up towards Battery Chamberlin and worked it.  When we finally crested and started making way downhill toward Battery Chamberlin I noticed the sensation that it felt as if we were about to be finished and made a comment about it to Cameron.  He felt it too.  Then its time to loop back and up the hill nice and warmed up.  Cameron took the hill strong and I watched him lead until he finally gassed out at the Sand Ladder.  Then its all cruise and I showed him how to take the Crissy Field steps in an undulating pattern down the stairs not looking back to see if he followed.  One big hill at the end to finish it up and it was a stimulating reversal.

That’s it for this course and I’m looking forward to upping the distance to 4 miles when Cameron and I start his training down on the Esplanade of Ocean Beach at the Great Highway.


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