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Sunrise Yoga complete and a very good and strong practice compared to how ass backwards my day went yesterday.  This morning I found myself pretty strong and balanced working a stronger yoga body.  As usual, Anita’s instruction was direct, strong and aware; in marked contrast to my Naked Yoga practice last night.  I was able to do yoga 5 days in a row this week, but because of my tranny hangover I skipped yesterday’s 7am practice and made it up by taking Naked Yoga with the sub from Sunday who has his own class on Wednesday night at 7:45pm.

Went to the CHASER 1 year anniversary party on Tuesday night in Roman Empire drag.  My bgff Monistat hosts the club.  I wore my Gladiator boots, black leather war kilt, a fishnet top and my silver trimmed black ceremonial toga.  I attached a garland of bay laurel to my head with spirit gum and weave glue.  I put my black velvet Torturer’s cape over and wore it to the side as a Centurion would do because it was a cold evening.  At the club I drank Stoli Red Bulls and had a nice pre-party buzz from drinking some vodka soda and lime at home getting ready.  Party party, couldn’t get it up for 7am yoga Wednesday morning, but at least I made the run with Cameron.

But Wednesday afternoon I had a 4 o’clock massage scheduled with my body worker Scott Henady and although I may have thought I didn’t need it just 10 days after my last, once on the table I knew that I did.  I went over my pre-race plans with him and got some advice to strategize my marathon training.  Debated about going home before going to Naked Yoga, but I know myself and I wouldn’t go back out again once I got settled.

So I drove to the Mission and got a spot right across the street from the studio.  I wanted to verify that the class started at 7:45 so I went to the Sun Room to check the schedule and the Acro-Yogis there confirmed it did.  Curious, I went to the Bikram Studio on the second floor and asked the attendant there about it.  It was kind of cultish and fanatic down there, bizarrely I thought I saw a guy letting his dog lick the sweat off from between his legs.   Guys checking in were hot and Mission Bikram may be the sexy Mission thing to do and they have an unlimited 30 day special for $30.  Whereas each drop in class is $14 this is a good deal and a good intro.  I’ll have to wait until I finish my upcoming race before I start anything new.

Outside the studio I stopped to talk to a Bikram yogini about the practice upstairs and she gave me a positive testimonial.  Her friendliness and openness further convinced me.  Looks like a good crowd up there.  So with an hour and a half left to spend before Naked Yoga I went round the corner to Valencia Street to my favorite Sci-Fi bookstore, Borderlands.

I noticed a Borderlands Cafe next door to the bookshop and when I entered Borderlands I asked the clerk if the coffee shop belonged to them.  Yes, she told me and confirmed it was new, just up in December.  Made me realize I hadn’t been there in a long time.  I told her how perfect it was because I was looking to buy a book and  read in a cafe. She’s all, “Well there you go then.”

Borderlands has stacks of used paperbacks, most of them are only $2.  I found a future fantasy epic called The Gray Prince by Jack Vance, 1974.  I browsed a bit more at Borderlands then at Paxton Gate’s bones, taxidermy and succulents then searched Valencia Street for some food but my tummy was giving me trouble.  Not a good thing to have for Naked Yoga.

So I retired to the Borderlands Cafe.  The one barista told me he’d be with me in a minute then proceeded to finish making an order.  I picked up Runners World magazine for beginning runners from the racks and when I turned around he was helping an opposite sex couple with their orders and they were taking a long time deciding so I sat and started to read the magazine.  Then other people came in, but he never acknowledged me.  I started to really dislike being invisible so I just gleaned what I could out of the magazine and left without ever an offer to be served.

It was already 7:30 by then so I went back to the Sun Room.  I talked to the Naked Yoga instructor about my interest in Bikram and he said he didn’t like the practice, the heat or the man.  Class began and it was a struggle.  For all the reasons I have described in previous posts, I now know that I never need to go to a Wednesday night Naked Yoga class again.  The instructor went so far as to stop the class and do a demo.  It was a repeat of the negative experience I had before and I have to say that although he gave me some useful tips his technique doesn’t resonate with my practice.  His weakness is that he over-explains, lacks the confidence of experience and leaves you too long in a pose when he is trying to convey information.  No flow, no more go.  No need to miss America’s Next Top Model on Wednesday night.

So, again, it was so great being back in the fold with fellow Sunrise Yoga practitioners at the Castro Gold’s.  My practice is improving, I’m getting stronger, leaner and toned.  My hip is getting stronger and I’m finding a balance.


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