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Sunday morning run with my activity partner and what a beautiful Sunday morning it was.  At 9:30am Ocean Beach was hazy with burning off fog and the sun was out and so where the recreators.  Everyone coming down to the beach to have a good time.  Our run down the Esplanade went well, Cameron pushing himself harder running an overall 39 seconds a mile faster than he did on Friday (10:28 vs. 11:07).  We stretched out and then went to go pick up @knockout_nikki on 35th and Geary who was my date for the Giants’ game.  Cameron bought us dim sum and @knockout_nikki and we had them with some beers in my kitchen.  Then she and I walked over to TJ Maxx so she could get some fan gear and walked on to ATT park.  The weather was perfect, hot, but the Giants never scored a run and lost.  So we walked back to my flat and then she caught the bus back to the Outer Richmond.  No yoga today, but a lot of walking and pleasant active rest.



  1. Summer is coming, the weather will only get better and I can’t wait!

    • Epic! I identify as a trail runner, but I’m gonna do the SF Marathon in July. Get this 10k trailrace out the way this coming Sunday then start training for the 26.2. The season closes with 1/2 marathon trail distances then I next year I’m gonna see about marathon trails. Thanks for the comment! You are one of my ultrarunner mentors on WP!

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