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I missed 7am yoga this morning, in fact I slept until 1, but I made up Monday Yoga in Studio Escape at the Bay Meadow’s Gold’s. 6 o’clock class taught by Alex Iglecia a former engineer for Jet Propulsion Laboratories.  Glad I did a little research on his background to totally get his, “…imagine if you were a NASA astronaut and you were flying to Mars and along the way you had to make a number of tiny course adjustments along the way.  That’s totally normal to correct your course when you are moving in a direction…” or other.  Took the wrong turn off and got to the fully attended class just as it was beginning and found a spot in the far back corner by the window and laid out my Bengal Tiger striped yoga mat.  Alex was already into instruction telling the class to hold a strap between your hands at shoulders’ height.  Assessing I went to the prop wall and got a blue Mexican blanket, a black strap and a block that was surprisingly light to hoist.

I was really cramped up against the wall and the practice went by pretty fast.  Learned a revolving triangle and how to use blocks in a different way.  My Bengal Tiger yoga mat served well through the practice.  I made the most of my car trip down the Peninsula and stopped at Home Depot and Target on the way back home.  I want a tree, bay laurel or oak, but they are too expensive at Home Depot.  At Target I managed to resist impulse buys.  It was a treat to have the whole day to myself and had nothing scheduled.  I was free to do as I felt.


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