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Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of the current iteration of Trail Running Dolphin Talker on WordPress and I spent it in a morning training run with Cameron and freshening up my garden for Spring.  I got Cameron down to a 10 minute pace on our 4 mile course on the Esplanade of the Great Highway.  I taught a class at work and drove out to Flora Grubb to pick up a Bay Laurel (Laurus nobilus) in a 4 inch pot and a Calfornia Blue Oak (Quercus douglasii) bonsai starter at Flora Craft.  With a little discounted Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare)  the planter ledge outside my bedroom window is looking quite nice with its potted miniature forest and I finally feel as if the flat is coming together.

Tuesday it rained and I did my Sunrise Yoga on my Bengal Tiger yoga mat, composed and ready to fly through the mirror dimensions.  After the class I did 5 miles on the treadmill first and last mile at a 10 minute mile/6 mph and miles 2, 3 and 4 at an 8:34/7 mph.  I took walk breaks at 2 mph in between each mile walking it out for .05 miles and did the whole treadmill workout at a 1% incline.

Just got done with this morning’s Sunrise Yoga as the Full Moon set and the sun came up.  Class well attended today and I got lost in other people’s mirror bodies, sometimes not knowing which multi-dimensional yogi was my self.


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