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Let me run it by you really quick.  Just got back from Dr. Jang and Associates.  Still don’t know the exact name of my Dr. who treated me but she did a good and thorough job.  After 41 years, no cavities, but deep pockets in the gums.  Last Wednesday I got some Chipotle BBQ Kettle Chips stuck up inside my gums and they  have been inflamed ever since.  Affected my training in that it got worse over the week and I fulfilled my yogas and runs with Cameron and on my own but had booked a room at the Highlands and was going to continue a little extra running down Armstrong Woods Road, but for naught.  My weekend at the Highlands was spent self medicating, chewing up the last of the Vicodin I had from my last posterior inflammation staying hopped up on Vodka taking baths and getting my THC from not only combustible but edible sources.

Keep in mind I’m tapering and I got all the pains and angst to go with it.  I don’t have to convince myself its phantom or psychosomatic, its real.  My taper down looks pretty good and I should be good to go come Sunday trail.  After which I’ll wait for Mercury direct and register for the SF Marathon and begin a new regime in training which should probe interestingly, having to mix some road with trail while still maintaining my elitism.  I have something to prove.

So gonna take it easy this week and see how it shakes down.  Haven’t run since Friday in the Presidio and haven’t done morning or naked yoga since last week because of the painkillers.  Now I’m on an antibiotic but the course should prove that my inflammation should be negligible come Sunday.  Gonna try to keep this week as normal as possible then start the ramp fresh to marathon distances on Monday.


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