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Woke up feeling woozy, drugged out from painkillers and vodka but relieved that the Novocaine had worn itself out and the swelling in my gum noticeably better.  Still made it to 7am yoga feeling kind of hot.  Happy to be back and @suzboop was in class.  Had a good practice and walked up to the Castro Cheesery so @suzboop could get some coffee beans, happy to spend a little time chatting on Market and Castro.

Got home changed and picked up Cameron to finish our run down the Esplanade along the Great Highway.  Sunny but cold and blustery.  Gusty and bright.  Had to keep a layer on.  Cameron ran to impress today clocking in at 9:43 but probably was even a little faster than that cos I trailed behind.

He’ll be going to Mexico on Friday so we won’t rejoin until a week from then.  I have my race and I think I’m pretty much done running until.  May do a little work on the treadmill on Friday just to stay loose.  Have to get the Tylenol 3’s out of my system before the race, but not today.


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