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Going to the gym that early in the morning can be a surreal experience.  Sunrise Yoga at 5:45 am and the Crescent Moon is at its highest point in a cloudless dark early morning sky.  Tapering down on the painkillers and not feeling as woozy as I did in yesterday’s class.  Rather I felt quite strong and hit three legged Vinyasas whenever it was suggested.  The instructor, Anita, played 2 tracks from the band OMThebes, and Meditation is the Practice of Death.  The genre is maybe Drone Metal, Doom or Stoner and I loved it.  Found a bit of power in my Yoga Metal practice because I am primed to push hard to that kind of music in my trail runs even though I’m trying to focus on running without.  It was awesome to have my Metal pop up in the yoga studio where I least expected it.  Anita let me borrow the CD but I can’t insert the disc into my old Mac because the door is stuck.


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