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Woke up feeling really pissy and it is most likely the product of a taper and also a result of being mismanaged at work by people who truly don’t understand business nor how to handle their talent.  I also have to go to my Grand Uncle Paul’s wife, Auntie Barrie’s funeral who died earlier this week from leukemia.  I have a race tomorrow and I am full of rage.  I feel volcanic and vulnerable and I’m venting before I take someone out.  I’m really that pissed.

I’m channeling this energy into my race and I’m gonna race furiously.  I found motivation in the ultra trail runner Anton Krupicka who just last week won the Miwok 100 in my back yard, the Marin Headlands.  The North Face Endurance Challenge Championship is on my race calendar and I’m determined to meet him this year somehow just to tell him face to face how much motivation I get from his dedication and devotion to our sport.  He is my trail running Rock God and he has been well documented and documents himself in his blog, Riding the Wind.  I have tonnes of video, photos, his words and the words of others to study and help make me a better athlete.

So to drain some of this piss I just took a beginner yoga class at the SOMA Gold’s and I didn’t much care for it but I’m still glad I did go instead of running and wrecking my taper.  No music, no meditation and it was funky like I just couldn’t really get into it.  It lacked flow.  That’s where I’m going with this.  I’m so lucky to have phenomenal yoga teachers I’m actually turning into quite a snob about it, just like I am in trail running.


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