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It is the day after my first race of the season, Sunday’s 10k trail race in Oakland’s Redwood Regional Park and I want to document my pre-race preparation in order to better analyze my results.  Saturday I did wake up pissy, even went to bed that way on Friday night.  Had a huge problem at work which seems to have magically resolved itself.  Moving forward (a phrase I despise) when I return I have to learn to be less heavy handed, yet at the same time I need to be up front about exactly what I want to prevent further misunderstandings, but that’s an aside.  I did an 8am Beginner’s Yoga class at the SOMA Gold’s which left me feeling most appreciative of my regular instructors, ate some eggs, blogged and got dressed to go to my Grand Uncle Paul’s wife’s, Aunty Berry’s funeral in Los Altos.  Met extended family on my Uncle’s wife’s side and attendid the Catholic ceremony in which my gay uncle served as the altar boy and only 3 people took communion, including the priest himself, which totally eased my immortal pagan soul.  I was really identifying with my Grand Uncle’s loss and was finding strength in his grief as I hope that I am as hale as he when I’m his age and I hope I find a love that is genuine as he found so late in his life.

We all went as a family to a post memorial Chinese dinner in downtown Mountain View.  Auntie Berry was cremated, so there was no funereal procession.  I had the opportunity to pose for a photo with Uncle Paul, his son Fau and Uncle Joe who is really Uncle Paul’s nephew.  We all sat at table together with my Uncle, who is also my Godfather, his ex-lover Howard (still friends, support in grief is a good thing), Auntie Nina, my cousin Patricia and her daughter Arabella.  Auntie Berry’s daughter, Elizabeth had prepared a slide show of photographs of Auntie Berry and also a play list of her favorite songs.  The songs that my Grand Uncle and Auntie Berry used to dance moved him to tears and as a family we did our best to console him.  Elizabeth had the grand idea of ordering a bottle of Chardonnay for the table which definitely eased my Grand Uncle up.  Runs in the family.

I appreciated the chance to get to hear Uncle Paul tell the stories of how he met and fell in love with Berry while dancing salsa with each other at the senior citizens center and how subsequently 2 weeks later she shanghaied my Uncle into a wedding chapel in Reno and popped the question on him.  I could tell this was a true love and I am awed by the depth of theirs.  I also got more familiar with my Uncle Joe who told me how he used to run around in Samoa and in the Mainland United States with my Grandma Daisy’s brothers Uncle Paul and Uncle Iopu.  I was able to confirm the story through Uncle Joe about how Uncle Iopu stowed away on a ship from Samoa to Hawai’i rolled up in a fine mat.  Shortly before he died Uncle Iopu told me that he was confined in a brig onshore when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941.  Uncle Joe admitted if it hadn’t been for that, Uncle Iopu would have been deported.  This date is important to the historiography of my family’s diaspora out of Samoa when it became occupied and possessed by the United States of America.

Our supper wound down and I was eager to explore downtown Mountain View.  I did a little browsing and was getting lots of offers for help from the salesgirls at Therapy.  I must have looked cute in my leather dress shoes, Jordache jeans, dark blue shirt with a darkest navy and darkest marooon striped tie with my gold tie clip.  I was flipping between getting a pedicure as a pre-race foot massage but opted for the Happy Feet Foot Spa intro offer of $25 which included legs, shoulders and arms.

The attendant at the spa told me that because they are new they only accepted cash.  Fortunately I still had my $50 cash bonus and was able to do it.  She escorted me through the dim unlit room which had a trickling water feature, environmental video on a flat screen television and over padded vinyl reclining loungers where guests seemed to be getting quite thorough treatments.  I had to take a dump and I ended up spending a bit of time inside trying to be as void as possible come Sunday’s race.  Then I was shown to a lounger and introduced to a very pretty young female therapist.  Aware of the serenity of the treatment area, I tried to be as quiet as possible, but there was no hope for that.  Taking off my tie, my clip clanged against the glass table where I stowed my stuff and I took off my long sleeved button up and got treated in my tank top.  Lets just say the foot spa biz is just a bait and switch.  I ended getting a one hour full body massage in a very comfortable chair by a talented therapist which by the end decided me to double her tip and give the place a 5 star Yelp!.

So I sat outside a Tea Bar tweeting decided there must be a Gay Bar somewhere and used Yelp! to find one.  It was by the freeway, a dive, deserted, desperate looking and sad.  I got gas and went to a nearby Kohl’s in Palo Alto and got some ultra fugly bathmats which I had to return yesterday, and then Walmart where I got grey flip flops and a solar powered garden light for my bedside forest.

I liked that pre-race I let my mind and body wander in unfamiliar terrain and on the drive back to The City I could feel the exhaustion.  However, when I got into bed my excitement and anticipation on Sunday’s race kept me wound up so I got out my iPhone and watched Anton Krupicka videos on YouTube until I couldn’t find anymore then started reading Krupicka’s blog from the beginning until I was relaxed enough to fall asleep.


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