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With a just finished run over the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset my training for the San Francisco Marathon has officially commenced.  I’m not officially registered however.  That will happen next paycheck.  Its Wednesday night and I have recovered from my 10 kilometer trail race on Sunday in which I placed 23rd in a field of 108 by doing nothing but yoga: Josh Camire’s Warriors Choice on Sunday after the race and 3 Yogayamas with Ben for his regular 7am yoga class and his substitution for Anita’s Sunrise Yoga.  Overall I feel great.  Unintimidated.

I am heavily scheduled and I realize I’m going to have to log hella miles in preparation for the 26.2 I will run on Sunday 25 July 2010.  I got a massage treatment from my body worker @forbodyandmind and went over my strategy with him to get his input.  The treatment got really deep into my soreness but what I was feeling after the race up until the treatment with Scott wasn’t really pain, it was a tightness, a fatigue, a stiffness…I don’t know how to describe it…locked up maybe.   Flat footed, stiff legged, rigid.  I brought my gym bag and gear and changed into it after the treatment.  Scott checked in with me and I was pleased to find that I felt loose, energized and ready to do the Bridge.

Sun was setting behind the Headlands and I dealt with my technology and hydration unit.  Had to stop for gas and a little fuel for me in the form of an Almond Snickers on my drive up to my staging area above Fort Point.  Tweeted my intentions and took to the trail that leads to the Golden Gate Bridge pedestrian walkway.

Slow starting feeling my body, letting the fear relax away and letting the legs do what they have been trained to do.  They came alive like eager dogs in the center of the Bridge where it becomes level and they ran of their own accord testing pace and footstrike with only a little instruction from the mind.  Content to listen to an electro pod-cast through my Studio Monitor headphones that serve double duty by providing soundtrack and protecting my ears from the onshore wind.  Pumped up to the Vista Point on the Marin side then returning, cruising and coming alive refreshed and faster on my way back across the bridge to my Contour parked in the free lot.

Killing that Bridge run gave me a bit more confidence and assured me that doing the whole damn marathon is an attainable goal.  I have to focus my intention, break it down into five 5 mile vignettes, work the course and return to trail.  The training will set me up for the 15-20k and half marathon trail races I have scheduled for the rest of the season.  I’m looking ahead and looking good.

  • 12 May 2010
  • 7:22 – 8:06pm
  • 43:35
  • 4.43 miles
  • 9:55 avg. pace
  • 6.05 avg. speed
  • 622 feet climbed
  • 613 calories burned


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