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Didn’t know where to run today but I had some success the other day on the Golden Gate Bridge so I thought to hit that again this morning and penetrate somewhat into the Marin Headlands to try and figure out the trail system there.  Arrived at my staging area above the Historic Fort Point, Battery East, just after 7am set up my hydration system and loaded the electro pod-cast that I started to run to on Wednesday.  Danced about the Contour to get loose and limber.  Classic San Francisco morning with the fog streaming through the strait and obscuring the top of the Bridge’s towers.  The thick fog was most likely responsible for the GPS on my iPhone failing to load up on RunKeeper, but I started the course anyway because I’m concerned about the accuracy of the GPS on the iPhone anyway.

Hit the Bridge feeling remarkably well, realizing my treatment with @forbodyandmind was exactly what I needed to rid myself of the toxins and tensions of training and race.  Felt fleet coming up the gentle incline of the convexly bowed Bridge and hit it where it rounded off and leveled remarkably fast.  Incorporated my research in barefoot running and consciously worked a side foot stride which definitely is a speed boost as opposed to what barefoot runners critique shod runners for the injury inducing heel strike.  Loving my Adidas Marathon 10’s because they are quite minimalist for a trail running shoe, even though they aren’t designed as trail running shoes per se, they meet all the requirements: grippy tread, gussetted tongue, minimal cushioning and feather light.  Also a bit ugly looking, as a 21’st update of a classic 1980’s jogging shoe, but its just that ugliness that makes them so fucken tite.  I ordered two pair.

Coming down the decline of the Bridge I saw a really tasty switchback leading down the Headland mountain that serves as a pier for the Northern Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge.  At the Vista Point I saw a trail that was likely to take me down and it proved to be the trail I observed from the span.  The trail deadended at a no-trespassing gate that lead to a construction area under the Bridge so I took the social trail down to Horseshoe Bay blazing my own trail through overgrown bushes and weeds gripping the barbed wired chain link fence for balance.  I was enjoying the plasticity of mind that comes from being lost on a trail and the strategy involved to find one’s way back.  I popped out on a road that led up to where the gate forced me into a wild detour and a slow sign for bicyclists was posted which had me a bit confused and wonder where it led.

Now I’m amongst the piers of Horseshoe Bay running along Sommerville Road and I see a WWII Battery ahead and think to run out to the curved pier, but think not as I’m worried about my timing.  Then I see some trail markers and realize that I am on the Bay Trail and I’m all: Cool! I really am trail running!  This takes me up East Road and I’m getting kind of confused so I stop to check my GPS and realize that East Road will take me towards Sausalito where I can connect to Alexander Avenue and trackback to the Bridge.

Little scary running facing traffic up what is essentially a Highway, getting somewhat confused and lost, playing chicken with cycle packs as they barrell down Alexander and finally getting bearings and making my way back to the Vista Point.  Stopped to take my 3rd piss of the morning run and hit the Bridge to return back to the Contour.  Late enough in the morning now where tourists started to appear for their scenic Bridge walks and a little more hazardous from the congestion of pedestrian groups and commuting cyclists.  Rolling, cruising feeling strong and even fresher than at the start, I cruise past the Gifuto Shoppu and straight into the bathroom for my 4th and final trail run piss.  I’m in a stall and realize there are no urinals.  I’m in the ladies.

Back at the car, realizing my tracked run is all fucked up, driving home, even forgot to stop the timer on my Garmin.  So much tech I need to minimize it.  How useful is it really?

  • 14 May 2010
  • 7:22 – 8:41am
  • 1:18:35
  • 7.25 estimated miles
  • 752 feet climbed
  • 852 calories burned


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