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Tuesday in Sunrise Yoga noticed a dry scratchy cough that persisted throughout the class.  Got home then went to work and it persisted throughout.  Felt like shit most of the day, came home made a hot toddy and sedated myself with my remaining Robitussin with Codeine and a Tylenol 3 for good measure.  Slept the night through and woke up with my Feng Shui alarm softly chiming like it does every Wednesday at 1:04pm.  I had to be at the dentist in 45 minutes and sucked the dregs of the Robitussin so I wouldn’t cough in his face.  Got my teeth well cleaned and found 0ut that I have to go back for deeper cleanings.  Strong teeth but weak gums and deep pockets.  Hadn’t even eaten but thought better of it and stopped at Buckhorn for a Roadhouse sandwich, which I could only manage to get half of down.  Went home and poured a glass of wine and sedated myself with another Tylenol 3.  Went straight to bed, didn’t even finish the wine.

Woke up again around 10, fever and delirium breaking and getting less intense, realized I’m starting to feel better made another hot toddy and thought to see if I’d wake up for Sunrise Yoga.  Turns out I did.  Took it easy in class afterward I put together a 6mile run along the San Francisco Marathon course, 16th Street out to the Bay and back.  Coughed up huge chunks of phlegm, but overall I felt better.  Same pace, roughly as my 12 miler.  I think I got this.

  • 20 May 2010
  • 7:17 – 8:30am
  • 1:10:46
  • 6.20 miles
  • 11:25 avg. pace
  • 5.25 avg. speed
  • 269 feet climbed
  • 856 calories burned


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