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In the background, on the street are the blaring sound systems of the human powered Frat floats for the Bay to Breakers run.  At this point the race is a howling, raging, drunken party.  The elite runners have already finished, in fact could have ran back to the start and finished again.  Its a roving costume party and I live right at the first mile.  The Contour basically serves as a urinal and the gutters of the alley I live on are flowing in piss.

Last night after a booked solid day I had the inspiration to do a 10 mile.  I figured if I got up in the morning to do a long run and then went to work, I should be able to flip it and go long in the evening.  My feet were sore from standing and being encased all day in my uniform combat boots but I showered to rinse off the hair and the day and ease my body up a bit.  I should have had a coffee.  It being so gray and windy I thought to wear my Adidas tights and short sleeve and thought to bring a long sleeved layer to cover up if that wasn’t enough.  I headed out, planning to do the Marina Safeway and across the Bridge and back but driving there I got snarled in traffic because of street closures due to the Asian Heritage Festival in the Civic Center.  This led to some tensions.  Further, coming down Franklin towards Lombard a cab driver was erratically changing lanes without signaling and I honked at him every time he did that.  Finally got into a shouting match and next time I should just take the cab number and report him.  I really don’t appreciate people not using their turn signals.

It was hella cold and windy.  Frosty air being diverted through the Golden Gate blowing straight in my face as I staged at the Yacht Club parking lot across the street from the Marina Safeway.  Realized I had grabbed a tank instead of a long sleeve layer, but fortunately was able to wear my track suit top with my Adidas tights and be all good.  Nothing much to do in a situation like this but turn your face into the wind and start trudging.  I felt light and strong and let the tensions and accretions of the day chip off and blow away behind me.

Up the stairs and onto the pedestrian walkway of the Bridge, inexplicably the wind died down.  Cruised on through to the South End and with time on my side decided to penetrate a bit into the Marin Headlands by taking the stairway under the Bridge.  I emerged at a parking area and saw the trailhead for the Coastal Trail leading towards Rodeo Beach and Tennesse Valley.  Muir Beach also.  Simultaneously I’m also on the Bay Area Ridge Trail and I’m thinking to myself , great, even though I am in training for a road race, I’m still training on trail.  Lap timer is telling me I’m just under an hour on this run so decide to follow the trail up towards the Headlands and come out on a road across the street is a trail marker for the SCA Trail and Alta Vista.  Started putting together future long trail runs right then.  Just linked a trail system.

Return trip just like the out, no wind on the Bridge, wind still obstructing me on Crissy Field and the Marina and hella cold.  Made it to the Contour, the sun had just slipped away behind the icy mist without any fanfare, letting the dominant Northern frigidity take center stage for the final curtain.  Changed out of my cold wet top and went to Safeway for a corn dog which is one thing that always cheers me up, but because of the musical festival they were all sold out of deli hot food.  They were also out of most booze so I settled on a bottle of Maker’s Mark. Got a sandwich and some Cheeto’s and ate them in my car until the cold edge wore off.  Hunter was texting me to see where I was at.  I met him and his buddies from the video crew at Basil Cantina just as they were splitting the check.  Took them to the Hole for some rock and roll and to shoot some pool.

  • 15 May 2010
  • 6:24 – 8:20pm
  • 1:52:19
  • 9:09 miles
  • 12:21 avg. pace
  • 4.86 avg. speed
  • 407 feet climbed
  • 1202 calories burned


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