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Starting with coffee, yesterday I had quite a bit to do.  A few minutes late for 7am yoga, the class was already in practice focusing on the pelvic lock.  Sorry I missed that, but I continued on and had a very strong practice.  In the shower that morning I was able to adjust my knee and it popped right back in place and no more pain is associated with that there.  Came home and got Cameron and we went out to Ocean Beach to run the Espalanade.  I realized that Batteries to Bluffs trail was a bit much, so we are going back doing a course review where we are running all of the courses in descending order and then we’ll try to go to Devil’s Slide.  Saw a hawk, banded, land at a gopher hole and was able to get a few shots off on my iPhone and caught up with Cameron.  Cameron is doing 10 minute paces on flats.  Good job!

After I dropped of Cameron went down to the Ballpark to get tickets for Monday’s game and stopped in at Borders to pick up a new/old issue of Terrorizer and came home to add the compilation disc to a new playlist for the gym which I call _METAL POWER LIFTER OF CREMATION_ .  Just what I need to get pumped up, and after a lite lunch, went to the gym for weight training picking up the bars and dumbbells, old skool work out.

Drove over to Mission Bay and picked up my massage therapist from his gig there and got a treatment.  Told him about the pain in my joints and he seriously worked it out and recommended glucosamine, then he discovered major tightness in my calves.  I was on the edge, I didn’t realize how much pain I’m always in until somebody actually poked it.

Home and just enough time to change and get a pre-game buzz on before meeting my bbgff Connie Champagne.  The seats were great, but Lincecum got pulled and the Giants never rallied back.

In all a great day, busy, but got shit done.


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