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My arms were so sore from this new weight training I’m doing preparing for the SF Marathon, also I was a bit fuzzy from partying at the game last night so I allowed myself to sleep in, skipping Sunrise Yoga.  Did a couple of downward dogs in the hallway as I was getting ready to shower and realized it was stretching out where I was sore and had a bit of remorse and felt I should have gone.  As it turned out I had a huge ass gap in my day, so after my first haircut I was able to go to the gym and do Warriors Choice Yoga with Josh Camire and even have enough time to get in some road training after I was done.

Josh’s class was excellent and with repaired knees I was finding powerful stances.  Doing yoga more regularly has really improved my concentration, strength and balance.  I’ve also not been getting injured as often as before doing a regular practice and I also recover faster.  The yoga kind of helps me center in the mind, so if I have a problem with the body, joints or muscles, I can send a yoga awareness to that area and help it along.  I need to send more yoga awareness to other parts of my life, but I’m a work in progress.  I’m glad I made the Warriors Choice because I found out Josh is hosting a special class on Monday, so I can get a yoga before the ballgame.

After the yoga went to the locker room to get on my running gear.  Had been thinking about this route for awhile because it hits part of the marathon course and was able to put it together today surprisingly well.  Starting from the gym I run down Townsend and cross over to ATT park, run behind it and take the Embarcadero.  Loop Pier 39 and out Fisherman’s Wharf and past Aquatic Park to the end of the Municipal Pier and back.  Leavenworth to Colombus and I’m running through North Beach.  Had to stop at the library on Francisco to take a piss and continued on down to Grant through ChinaTown where I ran down the street facing oncoming traffic and even stopped at a little shop to see if they had a flaming sword for my Feng Shui.  They didn’t.

So across Union Square, down Powell to Market, up Mcallister and crossing over to Civic Center Plaza where I ran counter clockwise around the Buddha 5 times.  Down Larkin to 9th and its a ho’s stroll down to the gym.  Happy it was just 10.6 miles and I felt strong through it.  Even during the rainy portions.

  • 27 May 2010
  • 1:47 – 3:39pm
  • 1:51:29
  • 10.06 miles
  • 11:05 avg. pace
  • 5.41 avg. speed
  • 381 feet climbed
  • 1385 calories burned


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