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Trail run at Ocean Beach through Lands End today with my activity partner.  We are in the process of tapering down his training runs in order to give our knees a break.  I thought to throw in some added elements so the hill up to the Cliff House was today’s first twist.  The second twist of the day was that Cameron’s knee tweaked out on him again coming down the steps on our way out to Eagle Point.  He tried to muscle through it but by the time we returned through Sutro Heights Park we had to walk it out back down to the beach.  I feel kind of bad like I’m pushing to hard but I think his body is just adjusting and picking up the unaccustomed strain in different parts.  So in any event, we’ll continue, I’m going to adjust the planned course and try to make it flatter on Sunday’s run by adding the Crossover Trail stairs when we run from the Presidio Golf Club to Battery Crosby on Sunday, plan willing.


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