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Monthly Archives: June 2010

A Pride to remember, moreover, recall.  I had been sitting on this grey Calvin Klein one piece swimsuit since XMAS and was fortunate enough to be training in such a way that my body could fit in it 6 months later.  I celebrated as Mz. SOMA 2010 and did my annual stride parade in drag down to the first leather bar close to my house.  In previous years it had been Hole in the Wall, but now the closest leather bar is Chaps II.  There is nothing more compelling to me than seeing the transformation on an acquaintances face when they penetrate my transvestite incognito.

Surprised at my commitment to my marathon training and all things Pride related I trained through Pride weekend and even added some shit.  Thursday did moderately long 9 mile run and came in fast just under 10 minute mile pace while exploring the Bayview and the finish of the SF Marathon.  I could really see the effects of working with the gels and sports drink but also the effects of a 2x energy.  Need to stay away from that crack in a sack.  Friday a run with my activity partner, finishing up our 5 mile course through Golden Gate Park and then weight training in my Saturday morning slot.  An unexpected visit by family, an emotional crisis and training related breakdown that was prevented from going full blown by a screwdriver and a pep talk, party, party ,party, waking up in the Oakland Hills on Sunday, Pride and a full booked schedule throughout the week.  I even survived it to Monday to do Yogayama at 7am.

So on Tuesday I got my long run in realizing I’m just a month out from the race and soon I’ll begin to taper and my workload will diminish.  I did 15.68 miles working 16th Street in reverse on my way to Golden Gate Park to do the loop there.  Gave me alot of time to think about how far I’ve come and how much I learned, moreover how much I love trails!  I thought about why I do drag, even though, quite honestly its a mess and it is painful.  When I was walking through the festivities in the Civic Center so many people, straight looking girls especially, went out of their way to ask to take a picture.  The fact that they asked, was most impressive to me and to see them light up from me being out there representing the South of Market made everything worth it.  The bad make up, the great wig, the designer swimsuit, the trail running dolphin talking yoga body, all of it.  I felt like I was really empowering people by being myself and I hope I encouraged some of them to be more of theirs.  I loved hearing people congratulating me and saying they were happy I won.  I won on a platform of self entitlement, and I am entitled to win races.  Not by  just making my own sash and working SOMA, Civic Center and the Tenderloin like I did on Gay Day, but through my own hard work, training and practice.  I’m dedicating my first marathon to Black Transvestites of Color and the Polynesian Diaspora.  My soundtrack is Black Metal.  I’m prepped and rocking it.


Slept in and missed Sunrise Yoga again, but perhaps that was a good thing as I was able to do a mid distance run in its stead.  Decided to work the end of the SF Marathon course out my front door down 7th and loop back around the bridge at Islais Creek.  I had two cups of coffee and prepared my space food: 1 2X caffeine energy and another without.  For hydration I  filled up the bladder of my CamelBak with Cytomax sports drink powder in a 2/3 solution and monitored my heart rate with an apparatus designed for that purpose.  Checking the temperature it was 54* overcast gray and mostly still.  I knew was going all out so I dressed scantily in my shortest pair of black Adidas shorts and a blue Adidas ClimaLite tank.

Concerned a bit about my outfit and the weather, but by the time I got to 7th Street I had warmed up perfectly.  Hitting some dirt trail at the back of the rail yard and then on the bike lane running against traffic.  On foot morning commuters where headed over to the Mission Bay Campus and I had to stop at a light with them.  Running under the 280 I was struck by the beauty of the industrial wasteland and shot some photos of it and my self inhabiting it.  Then down Indiana through Dog Patch with its congrous combination of million dollar converted condo lofts and vagabonds encamped in their vehicles fronting them.  At 3rd and Cesar Chavez before I knew it at about 25 minutes when I took my first caffeine free gel.  Past the Splat Cave, the rock and roll warehouse loft I used to live in my early 20’s and across the bridge at Islais Creek.  Wanted to run all the way down Amador to the Port and come back, but saw a gated side trail through an open overgrown field.  Industrial wasted hills composed of gravel like a field of dry volcanoes again I had to have a photo shoot.  As I was uploading an image a vagabond rode by on a beat up black bike.  Thought to go his way but went opposite around the gravel mountain but I couldn’t find a trail out and eventually came to where I started.  Passed the egress had to circle back, got a little lost.

That was only 4 miles in and I was fit to return, a little worried about my time as I got lost and was enjoying myself.  Came down back Illinois and was trying to trespass the field at Warm Cove but it had been freshly barbwired and chainlinked.  Had to track back again and was actually impressed that there was sidewalk and trees there.  Bayshore is being developed.  Had a gel again at Cesar Chavez and was pumping all cruise in my old ‘hood and then I’m back on the Mission Bay waterfront at Agua Vista Park.  A lone fisherman on a dilapdated pier and on the still low tide shambled decomposing piers stripped of their planks.  A tractor was tearing down an old shingled waterfront building and I thought to myself, Rise of the Machines.  I could see the ballpark in the distance and I knew that my run was coming to an end and I was gonna be right on time.

Close to 9 am once I looped the ball park and the South End Historic district and the City was going to work.  Ran through people on their business and emerged on Folsom.  Feeling strong and charged all the way home.  Sprinted down my alley with an overall pace just under 10 minutes.  With my stops and all I hit my desired marathon pace. Rock!

  • 24 July 2010
  • 7:21 – 9:00am
  • 1:28:26
  • 8.90
  • 9:56 avg. pace
  • 6.04 avg. speed
  • 212 feet climbed
  • 1236 calories burned
  • 151.8 lbs.

Nothing like waking up in the morning realizing that you didn’t lose all your shit partying last night and even more, that you ate.  Mexican and margaritas after a work event and all the wine.  Oh shit, good thing I’m in training.

Alarm goes off and I’m dreaming about suburban plastic surgery clinics and an old friend makeup artist is an esthetician there.  I drink a paper cup of H2O and medicine mixture  but didn’t stir it well enough so it is still an orange powdery solid and not in solution.  Kind of waiting to see if Bradley is going to come off shift but he’s busy, meanwhile I’m looking into the screened off rooms observing what I can of procedures.  I’m trying to figure out where I’m gonna run, but my CamelBak has leaked out the bladder.  Have to leave the clinic to find a place to fill it and there is a somewhat abused looking playground so I go to the bathroom there.  Incongruous wooden saloon doors on the bathroom stalls…

Felt distracted and erratic in my 7am yoga class.  Yoga energy was all over the place.  Ben repeated the announcement that he was retiring Yogayama and because I was peeking in seated meditation saw him get emotional.  He had to use his shirt to wipe a tear.  He’s struggling with attachment and is trying to teach detachment but we are all attached and the suffering is in letting go and executing impermanence in being the cause of impermanence and also knowing that because of that you are going to make people suffer.  I can get over it to let him go and pursue what it is he wants to do.  He doesn’t need to stick around teaching yoga at the gym because its convenient to my training schedule.  I’m excited to see what’s going to happen in that slot.

But I made it through and my distant cousin, Lucy who used to manage the front desk for a shop that I worked at 10 years ago showed up in yoga class.  She’s always been quite fond of me and I look forward to reconnecting.  She want’s to hook me up with one of her friends and I say, “Hook away!”

Got a chocolate croissant at Cafe Floré cos I had to see my dental hygienist before noon and I was pressed for time and knew I needed to eat before a training run with my activity partner.  Just came home and changed out of my gym shorts into my running shorts and was out the door and off to Golden Gate Park.

I decided to mix it up and flip the course.  Staying plastic is important.  The course today was down Bernice Rogers Way, up JFK around the interior island at Stow Lake and then hitting the trail between Lincoln and MLK.  It was cool and foggy so I ran with my black yoga wife beater under my Everlast training jacket but by the time we reached Transvestite Drive I had to stow it in my CamelBak.  I don’t ever recall being on the island at Stow Lake and there is a hill in the middle of it that looks tasty for some climbing training.  Ran through the pagoda on the misty man made lake and back over the stony bridge.  Popped down a pedestrian walkway and bam we were right at MLK and 19th Avenue.  That is where we picked up the trail head that runs parallel to Lincoln and we were back at the Contour before we knew it.  Kind of amazed the flipped course cut about a mile off of the way we had trained on it before.  We did 4.5 miles, the other way around is about 5.4. Genuinely flipped.

Slept in and missed Sunrise Yoga this morning but compensated for it by going to the gym to do weights.  Started out cycling 3 miles on a random setting on the recumbent bike for 13 minutes then followed up with my improvisational free weight barbell routine.  Went into the studio to twist out my core with a staff for 5 minutes and then got into it and did some twirls, blocks and stances.  I think I’d like to start working with weapons.  As I was leaving the gym I saw a sign up for a free boot camp session at 6:30am next Thursday, so I signed up to do it and possibly learn a little bit more from the trainer. Today’s work out  13 minutes cardio and 37 minutes weight training/core.

Today is Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.  Appropriately I ran the longest run in my life at 19.44 miles in training for the San Francisco Marathon.  Today I also introduced “Space Food” into my training using refueling gels, electrolyte rich sport compounds in a solution of H20 diluted at half strength and candy bars designed for women or in my case, trail running transvestite cyborgs that communicate with dolphins and other sapien and non sapien life forms in urban centered geo-locations or nature preserves.  I chose my course as an improvisational riff on the official Marathon course and it worked well.  I’ll break it down:

  • 6th and Folsom to Embarcadero
  • Embarcadero to Aquatic Park via Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Aquatic Park, Marina Green, Crissy Field
  • Long Avenue to Lincoln Blvd
  • Lincoln to El Camino Del Mar
  • El Camino Del Mar to the Palace of the Legion of Honor
  • Coastal Trail to the Cliff House and Ocean Beach
  • Golden Gate Park via Bernice Rogers Way, MLK, JFK with a loop around Stow Lake
  • Pan Handle to Scott St.
  • Page Street to Market
  • 10th to Howard
  • Course complete at Howard and 6th

I felt strong up to the park.  MLK was kicking my ass a little bit and at Stow Lake took a chance to recover.  There I saw all these snapping turtles.  Saw some kids with ice cream and then the vendor so I got a drumstick and ran with it.  At the Pan Handle I decided that my form was breaking down and I wasn’t going to get much more out of this workout so I ended up cutting it a bit short.  Finished and felt good and relaxed.  I’m certain I can go the distance and I’m kind of where I want to be regarding pace.  The day was hot, I ran in my Adidas Speedsuit, top pulled down pretty much the whole run.

In preparation I used Sports Shield brand lube and anti chafing powder.  They both performed.  The only complaint is my right toes are kind of taking the impact a bit hard and so is my right hip.  I rely more on my right side and the left has a hard time keeping up.  I took gels at miles 5 and 10, the Luna Bar at 15 and then I couldn’t resist the ice cream vendor in the park where I got a Drumstick a mile later.  The 15 mile mark was my peak and my form started breaking there.  I ran out of the Cytomax solution and had to fill my CamelBak bladder in the men’s room sink because the sprinklers were spraying over the water fountain.  The toss up was, do I get sick from getting recycled water in my bladder or do I get strep from the men’s room sink.

All good, I skipped 7am yoga to sleep and rest for this long run.  I also allowed myself to linger, ate had coffee and got my digestion stabilized.  Felt great after the run and luxuriously worked.  My training is totally working.  Could be faster, but I know I can finish.  Had a recovery beer, now I’m on my second and I’m going to have a very sweet soak at Kabuki Hot Springs after I eat.

  • 21 June 2010
  • 10:35am – 2:32pm
  • 3:55:48
  • 19.44 miles
  • 12:o8 avg. pace
  • 4.95 avg. speed
  • 1052 feet climbed
  • 2795 calories burned
  • 830 calories consumed
  • 1965 calorie deficit
  • 155.6 lbs. w/o gear
  • 160.4 lbs. w/gear
  • 153.2 lbs. post workout
  • 2.4 lb. weight loss
  • 65* max temperature
  • 16 mph gusts NW

Sunday run with my activity partner in Golden Gate Park following the course for that portion of the San Francisco Marathon on a patently splendid morningWorking miles 15, 16, 17, 13 and 14 of the official course. Cameron started out a little quick and I ran along and paced him leading a little bit instead of chasing him like I usually do.  I had to stop and take a piss and pictures and had him run ahead.  He had made some distance and I finally caught him as he was taking off a layer at Transverse Drive.  I ran up yelling “Dude, you are hard to catch!” and I was more than a little proud.  He got carried away with the feeling of running solo, which is a good thing, but he had  overexerted himself and by the time we got to a rise on the single track of Transverse he had to walk it out.  I reminded him to hydrate and we took off again.  The streets are closed to vehicles for Sunday recreators on JFK so wanting to get a little taste of Mary we ran on the roadway.  He started to get that look that experienced runners are all too familiar with: the squinched up face and bent over posture of an individual about to heave.  To confirm my diagnoses I asked him if he felt nauseous, light headed and dizzy; Yes– asked again if he is salivating heavily; Yes again– I’m all dude, spit it out and stop swallowing it.  You are about to puke so just bend over and do it.  He’s all, “No no…”  I’m like, “Go ahead, don’t be embarassed.  All runners puke that’s how you know you are a runner!”  I could see him try but could tell he was a little embarrassed.  I was more than pleased that he worked that hard, it is also helpful for me as his coach to finally have got him to the verge of vomiting so he can experience first hand the consequences of working too hard.  I pointed to the bathrooms and told him to go puke in there but he didn’t want to.  We took it slow around Stow Lake and then I reminded him that we were halfway through and its all down hill “So we don’t stop,” he said, remembering my downhill coaching.  When we got past the Bison Paddock, I had to piss again so I told him he could go ahead and continue if he wanted but Cameron admitted he could use the break.  He was much improved from the brief recovery and before you know it we were already back on Bernice Rogers Way.  Approaching the Contour I mixed it up on him.  I usually have him sprint to finish as I do in training to work on my finish line kick, however this time I told him to run at half his pace in slow motion really extending out his stride like Chariots of Fire.  An old man walking by snickered at this comment.  On the way home Cameron bought me some Dim Sum which he feeds me when I’m driving back to SOMA as is our little reward and post race ritual.

Went to the gym to lift weights before work.  Made my coffee and was out the door in my usual outfit: black coach shorts and black wife beater, Nike Structured training gloves.  Warmed up with 2 miles in 9 minutes on the recumbent bike before doing my usual free weight routine.  A little more emphasis on the core today.

I’m having a hard time working in weight training in my marathon training regimen, but this Saturday morning slot before work seems quite doable.

Working on training on the SF Marathon course so today I did a loop in Golden Gate Park with my activity partner.  Starting down by the Dutch Windmills on Bernice Rogers Way we basically ran miles 15, 16, 17, 13 and 14 of the official course.  I wanted to make sure that we were running the right direction even though we flipped the course.  We stayed on the pedestrian path going up MLK where I noticed a tunnel on Sunset Boulevard then switched to a single track trail on Transverse Drive to connect us to JFK.  Tunnel there and then around Stow Lake.  All downhill back to Bernice Rogers Way via JFK, checked in with my activity partner and his left knee was complaining.  We were at 4.88 miles and over target which should have been about 4.6 miles but we were almost through anyway.  Since we were training on hills previously this moderately flat course I considered doable for my activity partner and as his coach its my job to push a little.  My plan worked out.  I trained him up to the distances that I need to be doing on my shorter runs on the courses where I am competing.  He also said that he lost about 10 pounds since training with me and that made me feel hella good.  I’m going to get him up to a solid base of 6 miles and then he will graduate from being my activity partner to my training partner.

Slept in and missed Sunrise Yoga but was fortunate enough to have a 9 o’clock Vinyasa Flow class available to me at the San Mateo Golds.  Glad I made it, but wouldn’t trade my SF teachers or regulars for this crowd or instructor.  Had a good practice but the best thing was this beautiful old lady in flowing pastel clothes with red lipstick on her pale powdered face and a sheer turquoise head scarf  containing her cloud of white hair.  Nothing more empowering for me than to see old people of all abilities working out.  Means that I can continue my fitness routine into my rapidly approaching dotage.

Made today’s street training long run interesting by doing a tunnelløpet: a Norwegian tunnel race.  I was due to run at least 15 miles and the course I selected today hit it spot on.  Let me list the tunnels I ran through on this near 3 hour, 15 mile run:


  1. Powell Street Station/Market
  2. Chronicle Building/Natoma & 5th Street
  3. Stockton Tunnel/Stockton
  4. Broadway Tunnel/Broadway
  5. Historic Earthworks/Fort Point
  6. Golden Gate Bridge/Toll Plaza
  7. California Academy of Sciences/Golden Gate Park
  8. DeYoung Museum/Golden Gate Park
  9. San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers/Golden Gate Park
  10. Children’s Play Ground/Golden Gate Park
  11. Van Ness Station/Market
  12. Civic Center Station/Market

I started out kind of alarmed if I could really get this long run in, but by the time I was cruising through Powell Street Station I was settled down.  Stockton Tunnel was my first long tunnell and emerging into a crowded China Town I had to weave between the congested sidewalk and the street.  Hit Broadway Tunnel pretty straight off came out and was amazed at how close I was to Aquatic Park.  Adjusting my course now to follow the San Francisco Marathon Route along Fort Mason, Marina Green and Crissy Field.  Back on the trail to run under the Historic Earth Works Tunnell above Fort Point and popped through to run underneath the Golden Gate Bridge.  Back on trail in the Presidio took the switchbacks down to Battery Chamberlin at Baker Beach.  Through the parking lot up Lincoln to El Camino to cut over to 26th Avenue and back on course for the SF Marathon.  26th is rolling hills.  Into the park and through the tunnel at Crossover Drive and JFK.  Up JFK using a recently discovered trail to take me over to the Japanese Tea Garden and back onto MLK.  Run past the California Academy of Sciences and under the tunnell there, musical concourse fountains then another tunnel under the deYoung.  Up and over to JFK to pick up another tunnel at the Conservatory of Flowers to the Tennis Courts.  I find a gated and locked tunnel that takes one to the tennis courts, but I had to go up and over it to continue to the Children’s Play Ground and the tunnel that leads out of the park on Haight and Stanyan.  Cruise the whole length of Haight and down to Market.  2 blocks to Van Ness Street Station, hit the Underground tunnel.  8th Street Civic Center Bart Station to 7th.  Pop out that tunnel and its just Mission, Howard and Home.

This long run felt great and doable.  Had to be creative to keep it interesting for the duration and also get as much of a combination of trail combined with the actual Marathon route.  I could have kept going.  Right big toe a problem but big muscles agreeable.  Wore the Speedsuit and didn’t have to peel it.  Sunny with some breeze, excellent conditions.  What sucked is that the battery on my iPhone died in the Haight Ashbury so I wasn’t accurately tracked on GPS.  I’ve outrun my iPhone and have to look at longer lasting GPS alternatives.  Very satisfied with myself and my training.  Treated Breezee One at Red Lobster in San Bruno after my tunnelløpet and then a massage with my CMT.

  • 16 June 2010
  • 9:55am – 12:50pm
  • 15.12 miles
  • 11:36 avg. pace
  • 5.17 avg. speed
  • 947 feet climbed
  • 12 tunnels
  • 1921 calories burned
  • 153 lbs.